Mario & Luigi: Brothership – Get Ready for the New RPG Adventure

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Mario & Luigi: Brothership - Get Ready for the New RPG Adventure

Among the new features and announcements of the Nintendo Direct, the video game conference by Nintendo held on 18 June 2024, comes another fantastic piece of news dedicated to Mario. Namely, the announcement of a new chapter in the RPG saga with Mario & Luigi: Brothership.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership – The Return of Mario and Luigi’s RPG

Indeed, during the Nintendo Direct comes news of a brand new Mario & Luigi game titled Brothership. A 2-minute trailer shows a lot of the new game’s content. With numerous game cutscenes, but also game sections such as turn-based combat and exploration.

A certainly unexpected return given the closure of the original AlphaDream team in 2019. Although it’s undeniably clear how Super Mario RPG, the 2023 remake, has certainly piqued interest in Mario’s RPGs. But also in games not exclusively platformers like the remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, the Remaster of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD (coming soon), or new entries like Princess Peach: Showtime!

Mario & Luigi: Brothership – The Release and What We Know About the Game

The news has certainly surprised many fans of the Mario & Luigi series. A series born precisely from the ideas of Super Mario RPG, which received a remake on Switch, thanks to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga in 2003 on Game Boy Advance. And with the last chapter of the series with Paper Jam in 2015 for 3DS, if you ignore the more recent remakes. A 9-year absence for a new chapter of this intriguing RPG option of the two Plumbers of the Mushroom Kingdom. All with a cell-shaded graphic style, but not too abundant, which gives a certain charisma to the game.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership showcase Bros. Attack against a boss

We know that Brothership moves away from the classic Mushroom Kingdom, setting to explore the realm of Concordia and its islands. With a brand new cast of NPCs, among characters that will accompany us as well as new enemies or variants of those already seen. Gameplay-wise, it seems that the most beloved features return, such as the Bros. Attack, the turn-based combat, the ability to control Mario and Luigi separately to complete puzzles, and combined moves for exploration and much more. Additionally, Nintendo has also confirmed the release date for Mario & Luigi: Brothership, set for 7 November 2024 and the option to pre-order coming soon.


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