Steam Summer Sale 2024: Day 14 – Steam vs AllKeyShop

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Steam Summer Sale 2024

The Steam Summer Sale 2024 is really about to end. Tomorrow, July 11 at 7 PM, the Steam Summer Sale 2024 will conclude. Until then, you can still save a lot on over 1000 games. Today, we want to compare and present three different games to you.

Important Information

  • The Steam Summer Sale 2024 runs until July 11 at 7 PM.
  • Many games on Steam are offering big discounts.
  • Learn about the best deals every day at AllKeyShop.

The Steam Summer Sale 2024

The Steam Summer Sale 2024 has been running since June 27. In the past two weeks, you could purchase more than 1000 games on Steam at a lower price. And you still have the chance to do so until tomorrow. Tomorrow, July 11 around 7 PM, the Steam Summer Sale 2024 ends, so if you want to grab some deals, you have to act today or tomorrow. But now let’s talk about three games from the Steam Summer Sale 2024 that we want to present to you today.

Steam Summer Sale Day 14

Far Cry 6

Today we first talk about the Open World First Person Shooter Far Cry 6. This game is set on the Caribbean island of Yara, ruled by the brutal dictator Antón Castillo. You play as Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter who joins the resistance. The resistance’s goal is to overthrow Castillo and free the island of Yara.

This game offers many exciting battles where you also have to use guerrilla tactics to take down large groups of enemies alone. Additionally, you can expect many thrilling fights and a good story. Far Cry 6 on Steam is currently 80% off and costs only €11.99.


Next, we want to talk about GTA V. Most of you are probably familiar with this game, but let’s talk about it briefly again. In GTA V, there is the Story Mode and the Online Mode. In Story Mode, you switch between three different characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Together, you carry out various heists to earn money.

In Online Mode, you play in the open world with up to 29 other players. You can cause as much chaos as you want and show off your cars. But you can also carry out heists or race with other players. GTA V on Steam is currently 63% off and costs only €14.98.

Bread & Fred

Lastly, let’s talk about the co-op 2D platformer Bread & Fred. This game must be played with a friend. You take on the roles of the two penguins Brad & Fred. Your goal is to climb to the top of the mountain, but there’s a catch. You are both tied together with a rope, so you can’t be far apart. But this also opens up many new possibilities.

You have to swing and rappel to reach new sections. This game can quickly become nerve-wracking, but together with a good friend, it’s a lot of fun. You can also try the free demo of Bread & Fred on Steam before you buy it. The game is currently 35% off and costs only €9.61.

Daily Comparison AllKeyShop vs Steam Summer Sale 2024

At AllKeyShop, we presented and compared some games from the Steam Summer Sale 2024 for you every day. Today, we had three top games again. Let’s talk a bit about the comparison you’ve seen under each game. It has been noticed that you can save even more with AllKeyShop on two of the three games. But the question is, how and why?

It’s actually not that difficult. AllKeyShop compares prices from over 60 key sellers and can always show you the best price for video games. The best part is that this goes on all year round and not just during special events like the Steam Summer Sale 2024. But if you want to buy something in the Steam Summer Sale 2024, you have to act fast. Because the sale only runs until July 11 at 7 PM.

After today’s comparison, the score is 11:1 for AllKeyShop.

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