Homeworld 3 Story Trailer: Catch Up on the Franchise Before Launch

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The release of Homeworld 3 is getting closer and closer. Through the Steam Next Fest last week, all players had the opportunity to test Homeworld 3 for free and familiarize themselves with the gameplay. When you started the game, you saw a Cinematic Story Trailer that summarizes the previous games. Of course, we don’t want to withhold this from you. If you are interested in the story behind Homeworld 3, be sure to keep watching.

Key Information

  • Homeworld 3 is a real-time strategy game set in space.
  • The story of the Homeworld games is summarized in the Cinematic Story Trailer.

What is Homeworld 3

Before we start with the Cinematic Story Trailer of Homeworld 3, let’s first clarify what Homeworld 3 is. Homeworld 3 is a real-time strategy game set in space. On your mothership, you can build new ships for your fleet with collected resources, which can fight against your enemies. But your resources are limited and your enemies won’t be defeated without a fight, so it’s important to approach things tactically.

Homeworld 3

You can exploit the blind spot of your enemies and attack them from below, or lure them into an ambush behind asteroids. The possibilities in space are very diverse due to free movement. In the thrilling battles, you always have the option to slow down or pause the game to plan your next steps. If you attack without thinking, you can quickly lose all your ships. Also, using certain formations can give you an advantage in battle, as your troops can be less hit depending on the enemy.

Homeworld 3 Story

Now that we have roughly explained the gameplay of Homeworld 3, let’s move on to the story. As probably everyone has noticed, the title is Homeworld 3, but many will not have played the predecessors, or even heard of them. The first Homeworld game was released in 1999 and the second in 2003, so that is understandable, and the developers of Homeworld 3 know this too. Therefore, as soon as you start the game, there is a 4-minute Cinematic Story Trailer that briefly summarizes the events of the first two Homeworld games.

You can easily watch the Homeworld 3 Story Trailer here, but I will also summarize the most important points for you. In our Pixel Sundays article on Homeworld 3 you can find more details about the game, the story, and the development of the Homeworld games, if you are interested in the franchise, you should definitely check out this article.

In the Cinematic Trailer, you learn about the desert planet Kharak, which is threatened with extinction. The scientist Rachel S’Jet discovered an ancient spaceship on the planet, equipped with a hyperdrive that would allow the inhabitants to escape from the planet. In addition, there was a map on the ship that leads to the actual planet of the inhabitants of the planet, to the planet Hiigara.

After this discovery, the inhabitants of the planet built together a spaceship that can transport 600,000 inhabitants from the planet. To steer the ship, Rachel S’Jet was merged with the ship and thus became the Fleet Commander of the fleet. The Taiidan Empire got wind of this and wanted to prevent the occurrence and destroyed the planet, but the mothership was able to escape with the 600,000 colonists from the island and set off for their actual home Hiigara, where they started a new life.

Besides the hyperdrive or core that they already possessed, there were two more. They received one from the Bentusi, an ancient race, as a gift, and they got the second one by defeating the Vaygr. With all three cores, they were able to build a hyperspace portal network, through which it was possible for everyone to travel with them. This brought progress and prosperity to the most remote places in the galaxy.

That was the story of the first two Homeworld games briefly summarized. The third part begins with the fact that there is an area from which no ships return, which was called the anomaly. The portals in this area were dangerous and killed those who flew through them. Therefore, these gates were no longer used, but this calamity is spreading further and further. A new mothership was supposed to find and contain the anomaly, but it did not return, now in Homeworld 3 it will be about finding and containing the origin of this anomaly.

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