Here’s How To Get Free PC Game Pass for 3 Months With GeForce Rewards

8 June 2024 at 16:51 in Gaming News, Subscriptions with no comments

Get 3 full months of free PC Game Pass subscription with Nvidia via GeForce Rewards! Learn how and if you’re eligible with Allkeyshop News

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Microsoft has teamed up with Nvidia to bring Game Pass closer to more gamers. For a limited-supply promo, you can get a free PC Game Pass for 3 months. If you are eligible to get it, it is important to know that once the three months is up, your subscription will automatically renew. So if you’re really just after the free period, make sure to cancel the subscription before it renews.

So who is eligible?

This promo, like other free Game Pass promos, are for new users. Meaning, never had a subscription before.

However, some Reddit users pointed out that some of them were still able to claim this even with a previous policy. A lot said they weren’t new users but their subscription expired years ago. But some also said quite recently. Could be a stroke of luck so if you have or had, might be worth checking out still.

Free PC Game Pass 2024

How to Get Free PC Game Pass

Claiming this free Game Pass for PC subscription is super easy. If you already have a Nvidia account, it could even take only under a minute! Here’s how:

  1. Create an NVIDIA account
  2. If you already have one, make sure you are registered for GeForce Rewards. If not, joining is free and fast
  3. Download and install GeForce Experience or the beta version of the NVIDIA app or the GeForce NOW Rewards
  4. From your chosen app, log in to your NVIDIA account
  5. Click on the Redeem section where you can select the PC Game Pass GeForce reward
  6. You will then be given a set of instructions on how to redeem the code

Note though that this promo is until supplies last. This event started June 4 so we’re 4 days in. If you checked on GeForce rewards and didn’t see the PC Game Pass option, it does not necessarily mean that it’s over. It could be that your registration for the GeForce Rewards wasn’t successful or even a momentary glitch in the system, so just check back after a few minutes.

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