Dragon Age Trilogy Discounted Heavily – Get Ready for Dragon Age 4

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Dragon Age Trilogy Discounted Heavily – Get Ready for Dragon Age 4

As part of a Special Promotion to celebrate the announcement of the new chapter in the series, the entire Dragon Age trilogy of games is available at a 90% discount on Steam. The complete editions of the entire Trilogy from one of Bioware’s most beloved fantasy series, accompanied by an incredible 90% discount!

Where to find Discounted Keys for the Dragon Age Trilogy at the best price

All three games in the Dragon Age series are available as part of a Special Promotion on the Steam Store. With an incredible 90% discount available until 27th June 2024. All three games are available in their Ultimate Editions and Game of the Year Edition for Inquisition, to enjoy the complete experience for only 3€ for the first two games and only 4€ for Inquisition. But with Allkeyshop you can save even more, also for the Steam version, and especially thanks to the promotions on Steam Gift Cards.

What is the Dragon Age series

Dragon Age is a series by Bioware that started in 2009 with Origins. Set in a European fantasy version on the continent of Thedas. A world inhabited not only by humans, but elves, dwarves, giants, dragons, and especially demons and the Darkspawn. The Darkspawn are the main threat of the series. An action RPG series but with a strong tactical and strategic component, through team composition and especially the abilities and equipment of these. With the first chapter, Origins, considered one of if not the best RPG ever offered by Bioware, with a game world not only intriguing but also very dark. Something that is reflected thanks to the narrative choice, both of the main quest but especially the secondary ones. Having not only different approaches to missions, but also rewards and especially an impact on the plot and relationships of our companions.

With a second game that refines the gameplay although it unbalances some classes, and generally with a more subdued plot and fewer interactions compared to the first. But still enjoyable in terms of lore, and not lacking with some charismatic characters. While Inquisition tries to fill the gaps of the second game with new elements closer to Origins, with an intense plot, and many possibilities thanks to the Open World approach. In short, a trilogy of games not to be missed, especially in view of the arrival of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, the highly anticipated fourth chapter of the series expected towards the end of 2024.


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