Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space Crossover PvE Event Now Live

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Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space Crossover PvE Event

What Is Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space Event?

Battlefield 2042 and Dead Space have teamed up to create a PvE crossover event that fans of both games and genres should love.

The Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space event is called Outbreak and challenges teams of four against waves of Necromorphs as the squad attempts to get across the Redacted map in what EA calls “a high-intensity survival mode.” The entire objective is to reach the extraction point, with the enemy waves increasing in difficulty the deeper the team survives. Be careful, as each player gets on life per wave, with dead players respawning at the start of the following wave.

Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space Crossover

To entice players to try the new 4-player PvE Outbreak time-limited mode, EA is offering the Future Imperfect Epic Weapon Charm, Genesis / Necrosis Epic Player Card, Unifier Rare Player Tag, and Made Anew Epic MP28 Skin as unlockable rewards.

Soldiers can jump into the new mode immediately, with it disappearing on July 16. That gives you a week to try the survival mode and get your rewards.

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