7 Days to Die Version 1.0 Out Now – Join the Streamer Weekend

22 June 2024 at 11:11 in Gaming News with 1 comment
7 Days to Die

It has been many years, but now the 1.0 version of 7 Days to Die is finally coming out. But before this version is available for everyone to play, you can watch several hundred streams this weekend. Of course, you can also get something from it. Find out everything here.

Most Important Information

  • Play 7 Days to Die version 1.0 on Steam starting June 24.
  • Watch over 280 streams of the new version this weekend.
  • Save on purchases with AllKeyShop.

What is 7 Days to Die?

7 Days to Die is a zombie game by The Fun Pimps. Specifically, it is a survival first-person shooter. You play in an open world and must survive either alone or with other players. You can build weapons and a base to withstand the zombies. It gets especially dangerous when a blood moon appears, making the zombies even more dangerous.

7 Days to Die Version 1.0

You might know 7 Days to Die for many years and wonder, only now version 1.0? Yes, that’s correct, the game has been playable in Early Access for over 10 years. But now the new version, which is set to release in an experimental build on Steam on June 24, brings several new features. You can expect new HD characters and armor systems. The models of animals like deer or wolves have also been reworked.

7 Days to Die 1.0

But of course, besides graphical changes, there are also some gameplay changes. There are now over 120 unique challenges, improved vehicles, and much more. Additionally, for the randomly generated worlds, there are better settings, allowing you to adjust larger cities or other things better. There have also been some adjustments and new variants for the zombies. You can read the complete patch notes for version 1.0 here.

Version 1.0 Release

As mentioned earlier, you can play an experimental version of the game on Steam starting June 24. This experimental phase is expected to last a month until July 25. The final game is set to release on Steam after fixing some minor bugs. For console players, there is no experimental phase. 7 Days to Die will be released on consoles on July 25.

7 Days to Die Streamer Weekend

This weekend, you can watch streams from more than 280 partners in 16 different languages on Twitch. These streamers have already received the new version in advance and can show it to you a few days earlier. Additionally, the streamers have received some keys that they can give away during the stream. So if you want to check out version 1.0 beforehand, you can do so on Twitch now.

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