Xbox Game Pass – Here’s the Week 48 Quest Lineup and Rewards

4 December 2021 at 19:06 in Gaming News with no comments

Here’s what’s in store for Xbox Game Pass subscribers for completing the Week 48 Quests.

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If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’ll be able to earn awesome rewards simply by completing these tasks on or before December 6th. Up to 105 Microsoft Points are available for you.


Xbox Game Pass Quests Week 48 2021

  • Titanfall 2: Gain 15 Net Worth and receive 50 points.
  • Marvel’s Avengers: Play and earn 25 points.
  • Customize: Unlock three achievements or play three different Xbox Game Pass games and earn 10 points.
  • Earn Achievement: Earn an achievement playing any Xbox Game Pass game and earn 10 points.
  • Daily Quests: Complete four Xbox Game Pass daily quests this week and earn 10 points.

Once completed, you just need to submit these quests in order for the points to be credited to you.


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