Top 10 Steam Alternatives to Buy Cheap PC Games

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Steam may be the best-known store on the web to buy digital PC games, but it’s definitely not the only one out there. This article will show you the 6 most popular digital key retailers, game stores, and alternatives to Steam.

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About Steam

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Steam originally launched as Half-Life 2’s distribution platform and has since dominated the online PC games market since its launch in 2003. Many gamers prefer to buy their games on Steam, which doesn’t come as a surprise because almost all major PC games are being released here. Smaller and even completely unknown developers also use the site to sell their games.

This doesn’t mean that Steam is the only digital PC game store in the market; the website actually has a lot of competition from the likes of Origin (AAA games), GOG (DRM-free alternatives), Gamesplanet (key-only stores), and Humble Monthly (subscription models).

Each of the stores mentioned differ in terms of games they offer, how they sell and distribute them, and where the money goes. This makes it hard for gamers to figure out which store is right for them, so we have created this list for you and compiled the best Steam alternatives and what makes them stand out.


Top 6 Steam Alternatives




Steam Alternative: GOG


Formerly known as “Good Old Games”, GOG is the PC gaming platform of developer CD Projekt, which is known for games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and the Witcher series.

It started as a platform where you can buy DRM-free versions of classic PC titles, hence the original name “Good Old Games.” The site presently has a large selection of current games. What has remained the same is that all games and software you purchase from the site still remain free of DRM software and its restrictions. This means you can install the games you purchased on other devices and play them offline if the game allows it. You don’t have to be actively connected to servers if you want to play in single-player.

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Not all game publishers support this move, though, as evidenced by only a few AAA titles appearing in GOG. A lot of the major publishers refuse to release PC games without anti-piracy or DRM software. On the other hand, the site has a wide selection of indie titles.

GOG also has a similar functionality with Steam through GOG Galaxy, its downloadable client. This allows you to manage your library, buy and update games, store save points in the cloud, and chat with friends. Unlike Steam, the GOG Galaxy is not mandatory, and games can be downloaded and started even without the client.


GOG Galaxy Client


The site also offers weekly sales, plus there are also a large selection of games for Mac and Linux.


Epic Games Store


Epic Games Store Steam Alternative


The Epic Games Store is the youngest among the digital distribution platforms in this list. Officially launched in December 6, 2018, the website aims to become the real alternative to Steam.

The site offers games for PC, Linux, and Mac. It also promises a fair deal with developers in terms of revenue-sharing. Developers who sell their games in the Epic Games Store receive 88 percent revenue — on Steam, developers receive 70 percent. Those who use Epic’s own Unreal Engine to develop their games also get additional revenue.

The first two major exclusive titles you can find in the Epic Games Store include Metro Exodus and The Division 2. The site also offers a free game weekly, most of them are new and quite prominent. This should encourage more gamers to install the Epic Games Launcher.


Epic Games Store Free Games


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Green Man Gaming


Green Man Gaming Steam Alternative


Green Man Gaming has been in the industry since 2010, and has been well-known and successful in England. The website has since expanded and become localized in recent years. In 2014, the company started its own game publishing and released some smaller titles in its platform.

You can find many big AAA titles in Green Man Gaming, in contrast to GOG. This is mainly due to the fact that game keys from different platforms – first and foremost Steam – are being sold in the site. In most cases, you’ll have to use the provider’s corresponding gaming client to play the game that you bought from here.


Green Man Gaming


So why do you need to buy from Green Man Gaming instead of buying directly from Steam? It’s because in many cases, you can get games at a cheaper price from GMG all year round, instead of you waiting for the next Steam sale. It is worth the shot to compare prices and check if there are better offers here.

Aside from PC and Mac keys, the site also offers console games such as PlayStation and Nintendo.

Should you wish to break out of Steam’s ecosystem, Green Man Gaming is not the right website for you. However, if you wish to save a few Euros, it is definitely worth checking out the prices here.




Gamesplanet Steam Alternative


Gamesplanet, an authorized key dealer, has its headquarters in France and a branch office in Düsseldorf. It offers a localized version in German as well. The website lists games from all major publishers, so pretty much every AAA title is here, including various pre-order versions. The store offers keys for Steam, Uplay, Origin, and the Rockstar Social Club, among others. It also lists games for Mac and Linux.

Each game on the site comes with descriptions, screenshots and videos of the games as well as user ratings, metacritic scores, and a comment function, so you pretty much get a good idea about the game before purchasing it.


Gamesplanet Sale


The website hosts a sale every day, with everything permanently on offer. A lot of times, the prices here are cheaper as compared to buying it on Steam or from the publisher. The site also offers various payment options for your convenience.




GamesRocket Steam Alternative


Like Gamesplanet, GamesRocket is also an authorized CD key retailer. In this site, you will find games for PC and Mac, console titles, game cards, and software. GamesRocket has been in the industry since 2010 with its headquarters in Germany.

The website lists all major publishers with AAA titles as well as smaller developers. There is also a listing for DRM-free games. CD keys are available for Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Rockstar Social Club, and more.

GamesRocket has its own Deals section where you can find heavily discounted games. All other titles are also permanently on sale, so you save up to 20% compared to the RRP.


Humble Store / Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle Steam Alternative


Humble is best known for its game bundles called “Humble Bundle” which also makes up the website’s name. You can also find a full range of games here as well as eBooks, software, and more at significantly reduced prices. The site also offers a subscription model for PC games called the Humble Monthly.

Humble also has a special feature where a portion of every purchase goes to charity. You can choose which organization to support, and even increase the amount you want to donate.

As for its catalog, Humble has a huge range of games from indie to AAA blockbusters. Like Green Man Gaming, this store has keys for Steam or Uplay. There are also DRM-free versions of minor games. Buying a cross-platform game gives you a version of every available operating system, so you can play on PC, Mac, or Linux.