Republic of Pirates & First Dwarf Now Available at Best Price

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Republic of Pirates & First Dwarf Now Available at Best Price

In the last few days, we have witnessed the announcement and showcase of many AAA games or games with a smaller budget but still from well-known publishers and development studios. But certainly, there are also new indie releases coming up as well, and indeed we have two interesting games presented at the Steam Next Fest: Republic of Pirates and First Dwarf, with release dates just around the corner.

What are Republic of Pirates and First Dwarf

Republic of Pirates and First Dwarf are just a few of the many titles presented at the Steam Next Fest, the Steam event that gives small development teams the space to showcase and talk about their games. Games that often turn out to be little masterpieces capable of attracting numerous players. And both games will be available on 19th June 2024.

On one side we have Republic of Pirates, a game developed by the small Polish team Crazy Goat Games and published by the well-known publisher PQube. They offer an interesting real-time naval strategy game with a strong component of resource management and diplomacy. Certainly not the first pirate-themed game, but definitely a welcome addition, with a real-time strategy component featuring naval battles on one front and diplomacy and economics on the other. The game includes 8 classes of ships, captains to recruit, many missions, and the promise of a 30-hour campaign. Republic of Pirates will be released as a full game on June 19, 2024.

On the other hand, we have First Dwarf, a game developed and published by the team Star Drifters. A team that has already brought many interesting games over the years, including Driftland: The Magic Revival, which many may remember. We have a fantasy survival game with strong RPG Colony elements, where we play as the Dwarf Tru aboard his powerful mech accompanied by the dragoness Ragna. With an entire game world to explore, we will build our base, unlock new structures, and strengthen the base defenses to withstand waves of monsters and weather effects. The game is also playable in co-op with a friend, set in a post-apocalyptic future world of Driftland. First Dwarf will also be released on 19th June 2023, but as an Early Access game.

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Republic of Pirates and First Dwarf are certainly two different games from each other, although they do share the element of base building and resource management. Two rather interesting games that have all the elements to offer something fun to play during this summer period. Thanks to the Steam Next Fest, both games received a DEMO, a great news for those who are interested and would like to take a deeper look at these two new indie games.

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