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What is Homeworld 3?

Homeworld 3 is a real-time strategy game set in the future of space. You are the commander of your own fleet, with which you want to protect the universe. But let’s start at the beginning and delve a bit into the story of Homeworld. For this, we need to look a little into the history of Homeworld. Since the first Homeworld game was released in 2000, we’ll quickly refresh your memory. If you’re not interested in the story of the predecessors, or don’t want to be spoiled, you should simply skip, the next part to learn more about the game spoiler-free.

Homeworld 3

Story of the Homeworld Games

Upon starting the game, you’ll be shown a 4-minute Cinematic Trailer that showcases the story of the previous Homeworld games. You can of course watch it here, or alternatively just continue reading.

On the planet Kharak, the inhabitants discovered the remains of a 4000-year-old spaceship equipped with a hyperdrive. Along with the drive, they found on the ship the Guide Stone, which had several things engraved on it. One was a point in the spiral arm of the galaxy, the planet Kharak, and another point, which was far away, next to it stood the word “Hiigara,” which means home.

Touched by this, the goal of the Kharakians is clear, they want to find the original home of their people, as the resources on their planet are becoming scarce anyway. For this reason, they begin building a colony ship that can carry 600,000 colonists and is equipped with its own shipyard, through which it can build an entire fleet on the way. Of course, the hyperdrive is also installed, which makes traveling very long distances in a short time possible. However, the technology of the Kharakians is not fast enough to process the technology of the hyperdrive, which is why the scientist Karan S’jet connects her own brain to the mothership and thus takes over the fleet command.

After completing the mothership, they wanted to make a small test flight of the hyperdrive to an allied ship, which was to further improve the drive. However, upon arrival, the ship had already been destroyed. After defeating the attackers and wanting to return to Kharak, the planet was destroyed by a large interstellar empire, the only survivors were the passengers and the 600,000 colonists, who were already in cryosleep. To ensure the survival of the people, they must be protected at all costs. Now the new goal was clear, namely Hiigara, the old home of the Kharakians.

On their journey to their old home, the fleet encounters various peoples, friends, and enemies. Some even support them and provide them with information or protect the mothership. The empire is in a civil war, in which the Kharakians side with the exiles. When they finally reached their home planet, the Emperor himself awaits them there, and a great battle begins. This ends with the arrival of the galactic council, which recognizes the Kharakians on Hiigara, thus ending the fighting. And so ends the first part of Homeworld, don’t worry, the story for the second part is a bit shorter.

Homeworld 3

In Homeworld 2, a new race comes into play, seeking the 3 hyperspace cores that exist in the world. The race is the Vaygr, and their leader Makaan believes that if you possess all 3 hyperspace cores, you can awaken the great creator Sajuuk. He already has one core, the second is with the neutral and wise people of the Bentusi, and the last is with the Kharakians. They are currently building this core into their new mothership “Pride of Hiigara,” which is just about to be completed.

Karan S’jet takes command of the fleet again, but during a test run of the new mothership, the space dock of Tanis is attacked by the Vaygr. But the mothership manages to escape destruction. Now they want to find Sajuuk and beat the Vaygr to it. On their journey, the Bentusi play a very important role, and a new species is discovered, older and more dangerous than anything before. The climax is the great battle at the end against the besiegers. The Hiigarans win this fight and can live again in prosperity on their home planet.

Let’s get to the beginning of Homeworld 3, after a century of prosperity for the Hiigarans, their portals fail inexplicably. In addition to this problem, a dangerous enemy power plunges the star system into darkness and poses a serious threat. In Homeworld 3, you step into the role of intelligence officer Isaac Paktu and try to find out what the problem with the portals is.

Gameplay of Homeworld 3

In Homeworld 3, you start with very limited equipment and a very small fleet. But you can build more ships along the way by collecting resources, thus strengthening your fleet. You have command over your fleet and can give them the order to attack. It is important to make strategic decisions to lose as few of your ships as possible in tough battles, to save resources and not become much weaker. Lure your enemies into an ambush where you cover yourself in old ruins or other things floating in space. You will experience a 3D battle where there is no up and down in space, so you are completely free to move your ships.

In space, of course, there are always unexpected things that you can’t do anything about. Asteroid fields or particle storms can hit you, which can decimate your fleet faster than you can look, so always think one step ahead to protect yourself and your fleet as best as possible. Homeworld 3 works with the best physics currently available for games, so in the battles of Homeworld 3, vision is your greatest friend… or enemy. If you manage to get under your enemies unnoticed and thus deliver the first strike in a battle, you can gain an extreme advantage. So use everything at your disposal to win your exciting battles.

Homeworld 3

Improved Graphics

That the graphics have improved compared to the predecessors is clear. The original Homeworld games were released in 1999 and 2003. Even though there was a remaster of both games in 2015, they can’t even come close to the modern graphics of Homeworld 3. You can expect graphically beautiful images of distant planets and stars, but that’s not all that looks good. The ships themselves also fit perfectly into the picture. Small fighters fly past the large battleships and asteroids in various formations, creating a wonderful image.

How is the Multiplayer in Homeworld 3?

Many may have already heard that Homeworld 3 is supposed to have a co-op mode. But what exactly is the co-op mode? You can play the war games mode with up to 3 friends. In this Roguelike mode, you have to fight a random sequence of battles together. If you win a battle, you get artifacts that you can use to upgrade your ships and thus become even stronger. This goes on for many battles until you can no longer keep up with the opponents. This is a perfect space co-op experience.

But of course, it doesn’t always have to be peaceful between friends. There is also a PvP mode. In this, it’s all about who has the better tactics and better reflexes. You can face human players in 1v1 duels, free-for-alls, or team fights. It’s especially important to always have good cover, so you’re not immediately eliminated by the next opponent.

Homeworld 3

Which Studio is Working on Homeworld?

The original Homeworld games were developed by Relic Entertainment, known for their work on Warhammer 40,000 and Company of Heroes. Relic Entertainment was involved in the creation of Homeworld 1, Homeworld: Cataclysm, and Homeworld 2. Since 2012, Gearbox has taken over the rights to the Homeworld series and from 2012 to 2015, they developed a Remastered Collection of the first two Homeworld games. Gearbox Software is mainly recognized for the Borderlands and Brothers in Arms series.

Following the Remastered Collection, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak was released. Developed by Blackbird Interactive, it was the company’s first game, set 114 years before the events of Homeworld 1 on the planet Kharak. This game shifted from space battles to planetary conflicts. After Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Blackbird Interactive developed several more games, notably Hard Space: Shipbreaker and Minecraft Legends. They are now also working on Homeworld 3.

Release of Homeworld 3

The release of Homeworld 3 has been delayed several times. Initially planned for the first half of 2023, it was then pushed to February 2024. The current schedule is set for May 13, 2024. With the demo now playable, there’s hope that Blackbird Interactive will complete the game by May. While waiting longer for a game can be frustrating, it’s preferable to receiving a bug-ridden, unfinished product that ruins the gaming experience. Here’s hoping that Blackbird Interactive delivers a complete game in May.

Try Homeworld 3 for Free

During the Steam Next Fest, it’s possible to test the War Games Demo for free until February 12. Be quick, as the demo will no longer be available after that date.

Homeworld 3 Editions and Pre-Order

Homeworld 3 is available in 4 different editions : Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Fleet Command Edition, and Collector’s Edition. Pre-ordering the Fleet Command Edition or Collector’s Edition grants you additional content, skins, and 72 hours of Early Access, allowing you to play the game 3 days before everyone else. For the best pre-order prices on Homeworld 3, check out AllKeyShop, where you can save significantly on video game purchases.

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