Perfect Dark Reboot First Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

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Perfect Dark Reboot First Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

Among the various announcements at the Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase certainly had the biggest impact, thanks to the reveal and confirmation of new chapters of beloved series, as well as reboots and remakes. Among the latter, the Reboot of Perfect Dark was certainly well received by many, after 2 years of silence and a full 4 years since the announcement. With a new gameplay trailer showing the reboot of Perfect Dark for the first time.

Perfect Dark – The Gameplay Trailer of the Reboot

Presented on 9th June 2024, at the Xbox Games Showcase, the announcement of the Perfect Dark reboot finally garnered interest. An announcement accompanied by a gameplay trailer, showing something concrete for the first time about the long-awaited Reboot, after a full 4 years since the announcement at The Game Awards in 2020, and after 2 years since it was hit by internal development issues.

In this new first trailer, we see the return of secret agent Joanna Dark, on a new mission that will serve as a reboot, set in a near future affected by environmental cataclysms. In this gameplay, we see Joanna in a heavily fortified version of Cairo, searching for a certain Carrington. It shows not only the various gadgets available to Joanna, but also parkour sessions that are very reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge. Although primarily stealth, Joanna is discovered, finally showing the shooting gameplay.

Perfect Dark Reboot and the Return of Joanna Dark

The new trailer seems to have been positively received by the community, who seem pleased with the mix between Mirror’s Edge and Deus Ex. A very visually curated gameplay trailer, where despite the game being developed by a new team at Crystal Dynamics, we have confirmation that the graphics engine is indeed Unreal Engine 5. As confirmed by Digital Foundry, which analyzes the new trailer, finding examples of software-based Lumen. In short, a trailer that has certainly caught the attention of many, who hope to hear more news and a release date soon for this eagerly awaited Perfect Dark reboot.


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