Perfect Dark: Watch the Explosive New Gameplay Trailer Now

13 June 2024 at 09:07 in Gaming News with 1 comment

Microsoft showed off Perfect Dark in a new gameplay reveal trailer during Summer Game Fest, leaving long-term fans of the series in awe at what’s to come.

Perfect Dark gameplay features

Watch the new Perfect Dark gameplay trailer

Perfect Dark, Microsoft’s upcoming reboot of the cult-favorite 2000 first-person shooter on the N64 got its first gameplay reveal trailer during the latest Xbox Games Showcase, and fans are finally getting excited.

We’ve not had much from Perfect Dark since it was announced in 2020, and as recent as May 8 this year, when the game was described as “in a rough state” by Jeff Grub on the Giant Bombcast. But maybe it’s not as bad as we thought as the trailer from a few days ago shows a visually stunning cyberpunk world and decent gameplay.

As protagonist and agent Joanna Dark, you’ll spend your time exploring, shooting, and sneaking to get to the bottom of a conspiracy involving super corporations. Considered an immersive sim like Deus Ex, there will be plenty to do, including parkour and the use of detective skills to hack your way into a target’s holdout.

The trailer is a good showcase for the game, and it’s rightly built up some hype for it. Unfortunately, we still don’t have an exact release date. Despite recent reports of poor development, let’s hope we can get one quickly. It will be on PC and Xbox Series X|S when we get one.

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