Pax Dei Comes to Early Access: Comparing Key Prices

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Pax Dei

The game Pax Dei entered Early Access on Steam on June 18. It is a medieval MMO set in a world full of ghosts, dangers, and magic. Build your own home and create your own story in Pax Dei.

Key Information

  • Pax Dei entered Early Access on Steam on June 18.
  • It features a medieval world full of magic and monsters.
  • Relax and build your own home with some friends.

What is Pax Dei?

Pax Dei is a medieval MMO by Mainframe Industries. The game entered Early Access on Steam on June 18. It is an open-world game where you can do almost anything you want. Explore the world, build your own home, gain reputation, and write your own story alongside thousands of other players.

Pax Dei

The game features 5 provinces and a map size of about 300km². For comparison, the map of GTA 5 is about 80km². In more than 20 different peaceful valleys, you can build your own home, either alone or with a larger group. This allows for bigger and faster construction, making it more enjoyable.

Together with other players, small villages will develop in these 20 locations, created entirely by players. Your village will need clothes, food, walls, prayers, and much more. Players will have to take care of all these needs. Your clan will also need weapons and armor to compete against other clans. Everyone can contribute something, making every player an important part of the community.

Pax Dei

But there is much more to Pax Dei. You can explore the vast world and find numerous mysterious creatures. The further you venture from your peaceful home, the more dangerous the enemies become. Fighting is rewarding as you get powerful equipment and other useful items that will help in battles against other clans. There are many different weapons, allowing you to choose your own combat style.

Is Pax Dei Worth It?

This is currently an Early Access title, so there are still many bugs and missing features. The game is expected to fully release no earlier than June 2025, and it might take even longer according to the developers. During this time, major updates will frequently wipe all servers, erasing all progress. If this bothers you, it might be best to wait for the official release. There are also some bugs and areas where the game world feels a bit empty, but this is expected to improve in the future. Let’s take a look at what you can already do in Pax Dei.

Pax Dei

  • Explore the vast world and gather various resources.
  • Claim a plot in the cities and build your house.
  • Form or join a clan to unite resources, merge plots, and build entire villages. Together, you can engage in clan wars and go on adventures.
  • Find your own play and combat style with numerous different items.
  • Explore dungeons and other exciting locations in the world, preferably with friends.
  • Engage in PvP battles where you can lose or gain valuable items.
  • More features are coming soon, but more on that later.

What’s Coming in the Future?

The developers have released a small roadmap of future updates. More furniture, building options, and billboards will be added to the cities. Additionally, balancing will be improved, and permissions for joint building will be better managed. A form of agriculture will also be introduced.

Pax Dei

Your clan will be able to create custom crests. It will also be possible to sell items at market stalls. Clan gold management will be adjusted, and ranks like knight or soldier will be added to the clan system. Altars and wonders will further enhance your clan in the future. A friends list feature will also be added.

The way you embark on adventures will change during Early Access. New spells, improved combat techniques, and new armor will be added. These will be necessary for the upcoming enemies. The weather and NPCs will also be adjusted, and more background story will be provided.

Pax Dei

There will also be updates that are less relevant to gameplay. The key bindings will be revised, and the user interface (UI) will be improved for a better gaming experience. Controller support will be enhanced, and the game will be available on GeForce Now. The game will also be available in German and French. One highly anticipated feature is the integration of voice chat.

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