NHL 24 and Immortals of Aveum Joins EA Play and Game Pass today

16 May 2024 at 08:02 in Gaming News, Subscriptions with no comments

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Key Facts

  • Immortals of Aveum is added to Game Pass on May 16, 2024 and is available to play on Game Pass PC, Console, and Cloud
  • EA Sports NHL 24 was added to Game Pass PC and Console via EA Play last month and as now entered Xbox Cloud Gaming too

It’s a good day today for Game Pass Ultimate members as its perks of having EA Play in their subscription for free has “paid off” again. While NHL 24 officially entered Game Pass Ultimate last month via EA Play, it was only accessible through PC and Console. Today, it has sealed off the trifecta and is also now accessible via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The main event for today though is Immortals of Aveum. It was added on EA Play and so Ultimate members can also play it for free starting today. We can officially bid farewell to the 10-hour limit for the game trials!

Immortals of Aveum is a single-player FPS game where you play as Jak who is a new member of the elite order of battlemages tasked with protecting the world of Aveum from the forces of evil. The game features fast-paced, magic-based combat that allows you to wield three different colors of magic. You can customize your spellcasting to fit your playstyle as you progress through its epic, story-driven campaign.

Unlike NHL 24 where its Cloud access was delayed, Immortals of Aveum will be instantly accessible through PC Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, and Xbox Cloud Gaming via EA Play on May 16, 2024.

For the full and updated list of all titles entering Game Pass this month, check here. It is exciting to play new games for free with your subscription but also don’t forget the ones that are leaving. Check them out first so you don’t miss this opportunity when they leave on the 31st.

Where to play Immortals of Aveum for free?

If you do not have EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate subscription, there is still a way to play Immortal of Aveum for free. Although not the full game (of course) the free trial/demo is still live on all platforms.

The free playthrough lets new players access the first three chapters of the game and any progression can be carried over to the full game. This is applicable too when you play it on EA Play or GP so if you have, you can start already from Yltheum Chapter.

Here are quick links to access Immortals of Aveum free trial/demo:

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