Mark Cerny Talks Everything PlayStation 5

1 December 2021 at 19:45 in Gaming News with no comments

Mark Cerny, lead system architect on the PS4, PS Vita, and PS5, has spoken to WIRED on everything PS5, including development and the challenges involved.

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The PlayStation 5 launched worldwide on November 19, 2020, ushering a new generation of gaming for Sony and its users.

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In the video for WIRED, which you can watch above, Cerny breaks down the development of the PS5 and talks about his role, motherboards, and SSDs.

Cerny emphasizes that many of the decisions made were with game developers in mind, including the SSD.

Cerny admits that Sony had requests to include an SSD since the PlayStation 4, with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney one of those leading the calls.



PlayStation set out to put in an NVMe SSD with a reading speed of 1 GB. Instead, they added one capable of 5 GB.

It’s an interesting video, with a lot of information on the design decisions behind the hardware and what it’s like to be in the design meetings.

Cerny describes those meetings as “brutal” but calls them useful as it helps the team build a better console for everyone.

The video is an excellent insight for those interested in making the PS5, so make sure to give it a watch above.




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