Manor Lords First Major Patch Available Now – Compare and Save Today

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Manor Lords First Major Patch Available Now - Compare and Save Today

A little over a month since its Early Access launch, the first major patch for Manor Lords is finally here. The medieval-themed strategy and city builder/management game by Slavic Magic was released on 26th April 2024. This first major patch, initially in the Beta branch, is now available in the main game branch, bringing a huge series of improvements and fixes to the game.

Manor Lords – The first Patch version 0.7.972 is available today

With an announcement directly on the game’s Steam page on 31st May 2024, the team meticulously lists all the new features of Manor Lords’ first major patch. A series of improvements span all areas of gameplay, from the famous No Name NPC bug where NPCs spawn but refuse to work, to variety in combat animations, and the introduction of King’s Taxes. In short, we have both new additions to the game and bug fixes or general tweaks for the experience.

Among the new additions, the team offers:

  • Simplified inter-region trades with the Trading Post
  • Mourning: with the death of a person, there will be a 30-day mourning period and growth block
  • Corpses: now corpses will be rendered in the game world
  • Variety in military unit armor
  • King’s Tax: the Annual Royal Tax will be set at 0 Treasury per inhabitant for the first 5 years, 1 after the first 5 years, 2 after 10 years, and finally 3 Treasury after 15 years of reign

From a balancing perspective, we have, for example:

  • Resources: NPCs consume food randomly, soil fertility is no longer reduced when the crop reaches 100%, the selected crop will go directly into the soil inventory, food producers will no longer stockpile resources before selling them in the market, etc.
  • Trade and Economy: major improvements on the trade side, made more efficient and accessible with factors like overabundance, optimization of trade routes, etc.
  • QoL and Infrastructure: beer consumption reduced by 75% per family, a cap for sheep breeding at 1 lamb every 10 days, inhabitants can only fetch water from the nearest well and elsewhere only in case of fire, militia team limit set at 6 and will be linked to a future update regarding rank, etc.

In addition, there are a slew of minor and major bug fixes listed on the official Steam post of Manor Lords here.

Excitement for Manor Lords and what the future holds for the game

As Slavic Magic’s debut title, Manor Lords has definitely excited many city builder fans looking for a medieval-themed experience at this level. Even as an Early Access title, we have confirmations from both the team and publisher Hooded Horse of Manor Lords’ success. A few weeks ago, it reached 2 Million copies sold, an impressive figure in such a short time.

Hooded Horse announces on Twitter that Manor Lords has surpassed 2 million copies sold

With a team that, about a month later, brings this new major initial patch, and especially offers a beta branch to organize with the community and receive the necessary feedback for tweaks and fixes, Manor Lords seems to be the medieval-themed strategy and city builder management game that many have been waiting for. With an enthusiastic development team and a reasonably affordable game price, especially thanks to Allkeyshop, where you can find it for under 20€!


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