Killing Floor 3: Bloody Gore Action in the First Gameplay Trailer

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Killing Floor 3: Bloody Gore Action in the First Gameplay Trailer

With the Summer Game Fest 2024, the annual event where publishers and developers reveal the latest news and upcoming games, we received news from Tripwire Interactive. In fact, on 9th June 2024, during the dedicated section of the PC Game Show, the team unveiled a brand new trailer for Killing Floor 3, the 3rd installment of the co-op zombie saga. An adrenaline-filled trailer packed with action, weapons, Zeds, and a release date for the game.

The new trailer for Killing Floor 3

Right at the PC Game Show 2024, Tripwire surprised all fans with a brand new gameplay trailer for Killing Floor 3. The highly anticipated third installment of the zombie-based series (or Zed to be precise) with a strong co-op component. Initially announced at Gamescom 2023, we finally have something juicier this time around. An adrenaline-filled trailer with the now classic metal music, lots of gore, explosions, and especially Zeds.

We have confirmation from the trailer of the return of some classic enemies of the series. Among the classic Clots, Gorefast, and Crawlers, we also see the return of the Husk and the dangerous Scrake. Accompanied by a more agile and dangerous version of the Fleshpound, and a brand new Boss, hybrid between machine and Zed with a retractable saw blade on its forehead. On the gameplay side, we certainly have the return of some weapons like the grenade launcher, various assault rifles, machine guns, a shotgun, flamethrower, and a revolver. All accompanied by the return of the charismatic and beloved Mr. Foster, who calls in an assault drone, and an ally showing off an electric trap among the novelties.

The release date of Killing Floor 3 and gaming platforms

The new trailer, in addition to offering a taste of the gameplay of Killing Floor 3, also reveals a release date. Release date expected for the first part of 2025, with confirmation of the release only on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It will not arrive on previous generation consoles, most likely because Killing Floor will run on Unreal Engine 5. We therefore expect rather demanding system requirements, hoping that optimization will not be an issue given the co-op nature and presence of many Zeds during gameplay.

Killing Floor 3 returns with the fierce and dangerous Fleshpound in the new trailer

Certainly big news for fans of the series, who will surely have noticed the novelties of Killing Floor 3, including the new Zed armor and plates to defend weak points, as well as the confirmation of a stricter class system compared to Killing Floor 2. With this new trailer, many will surely want to try Killing Floor 2 to get the hang of the basics and prepare themselves for the arrival of Killing Floor 3. Thanks to Allkeyshop you can find the best prices for Killing Floor 2 while waiting for the precise release date of Killing Floor 3.


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