Halo Infinite: Fan-Made Forge Mode Trailer Impresses

15 November 2022 at 19:05 in Gaming News with no comments

A die-hard Halo fan has released a self-made promotional video for Halo Infinite’s recently released Forge mode.

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Halo Infinite: Fan Releases Home-Made Forge Trailer    

Key Facts

  • Halo Infinite Winter Update adds Forge game mode.
  • Halo Infinite’s Forge mode allows players to create custom maps and game modes.
  • Forge is available now on Xbox and PC.



343 Industries finally launched the much-promised and long-waited Halo Infinite Forge mode with the game’s Winter Update.

  Halo Infinite Forge Release Date  

Forge is a much-loved game mode within the Halo fanbase, as it allows anyone to create custom maps and game modes and publish them for others to try in custom games.

The community and developers so love Forge that many custom-built maps and game modes have gone on to feature in official playlists in various Halo games.

Finally available in Halo Infinite, Forge has a new fan-made promotional video highlighting what the mode means to its players.

Halo Infinite and Forge are available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.




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