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Release date
14 May 2021
Official website
Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Adventure Survival Exploration Singleplayer Underwater Open World Survival Craft

About this game

Subnautica: below zero is the sequel to the beloved survival game Subnautica, return to the watery planet 4546B but this time in an expedition to the planet’s sub-zero arctic region, survive using only your wits and some survival equipment, and uncover the mystery of the missing expedition.

  • Subnautica below zero has a smaller scope than the first game but introduces a new storyline and scripted sequences making it a more linear experience but combined with the free form discovery the first game is known for. Discover what happened to your sister, the Alterra expedition team, and solve the mystery of the aliens that came before.
  • Discover new uncharted biomes: the arching expanses of the twisty bridges, the glittering mammoth crystals in the Crystal Caverns, explore above the water on the snow-covered peaks and icy caves in the glacial basin, and many more new environments for you to discover.
  • With the arctic environment comes new challenges keep warm above ground by making a cold suit, and warm up next to thermal lilies inside your habitat, minimize exposure when traveling by utilizing vehicles.
  • Subnautica: below zero’s dev team is always looking for ways to improve the game get weekly or daily updates about what the team is working on.


This can be a fiddly game, and certainly isn’t one for people who dislike mining or organising elaborate storage systems, but after a couple of years in Early Access this is now a refined and elegant experience, gently paced, where there is always something interesting to pursue through beautiful spaces. Voluntary isolation in the deep cold might not sound like solace after a winter of lockdowns, but Subnautica: Below Zero is cosy and moreish. Dive in, and you may be surprised how deep you end up going.


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