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Battlefield 4 PS4 Prices Digital or Physical Edition

What is Battlefield 4 Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Battlefield 4 directly to Playstation 4 from PSN (Playstation network).

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Release date
29 November 2013
Official website
EA Swiss Sarl
Action Shooter

About this game

Battlefield 4 is the 8th game of the Battlefield franchise developed by DICE, the game features a short single-player campaign that tells the story about your squads’ mission of evacuating American VIPs in Shanghai and your subsequent troubles to get back home. Enjoy the Massive multiplayer experience with modes like Conquest, Obliteration, Domination, Rush, etc. Powered by the Frostbite 3 engine, you can destroy terrain/cover the enemy is hiding in, and play with 64 other players in the game’s multiplayer modes.

  • The Battlefields of Battlefield 4 are ever-changing and dynamic we call this feature Levolution these can be minor changes like destroying or creating cover, or major game-changing events like flooding an entire street and triggering shipwrecks, always come up with ways to use the environment to your advantage.
  • Battlefield 4 features over 50 different vehicles for Land, Sea, and Air warfare all fine-tuned and balanced for the best possible multiplayer experience for new and more experienced players.
  • The Games Single-player campaign combines the campaign’s powerful character-driven story and the multiplayer strongest gameplay features bringing together a synthesis of ideas, creating a fun and short experience.


Multiplayer shooters don’t get better than Battlefield 4. Incredible destruction, smart map design, and solid tech combine to produce a true showcase for PS4 and PC. While solo play still lags behind, it’s a big step up from BF3.



Battlefield 4’s devastating destruction is an interesting, imperfect addition to its excellent multiplayer.


Bundle Edition

This Edition contains two battlefield games in one bundle, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

Day One Edition

This edition contains the base game plus the china rising Expansion DLC.

Premium Edition

This Edition contains all available DLCs for battlefield 4 and the base game.

  • Base Game
  • All 5 expansion packs – China rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragons Teeth, and Final Stand.
  • Exclusive Cosmetic options
  • Priority in Server queue
  • 12 Bonus Battlepacks

Battlefield 4 China Rising

Fight on the Chinese mainland in Battlefield 4 China Rising, This Expansion brings a plethora of new Maps, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles for multiplayer mode. Battlefield 4 Premium members will receive the expansion two weeks ahead of everyone.

  • 4, 64 player maps based on regions of mainland China Silk Road, Atai Range, Guilin Peaks, and Dragon Pass.
  • 5 new weapons to take to the battlefield, A new Aircraft type the Bombers designed to destroy high-value ground targets, 2 new unmanned flying reconnaissance drones for the support and recon class, and the new dirt bike to speed across battlefields.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault

Second Assault features 4 newly redesigned and reimagined maps from the base game, 5 new weapons, and 2 new vehicles for multiplayer mode. Battlefield 4 Premium members will receive the expansion two weeks ahead of everyone.

  • the 4 Redesigned maps are Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm, and Operation metro these maps feature even more Levolution events than their first iteration.
  • The 5 new weapons are the F200, As Val, M60E4, DAO-12, and the GOL Magnum while the two new vehicles are the Desert Patrol Vehicle a fast-moving vehicle with a grenade launcher as its primary mounted weapon, and the Skid loader a light civilian vehicle its main body is immune to small arms.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Naval strike features 4 new island-themed maps located on the south china sea, 5 new weapons, 2 new gadgets, and 1 new vehicle the ACV an amphibious vehicle that can travel both on land and sea. Battlefield 4 Premium members will receive the expansion two weeks ahead of everyone.

  • The 4 new maps are the Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar each of the maps feature a heavy amount of naval combat.
  • The 5 new weapons are the AR-160, SR-2, AWS, SR338, and the SW40, two of the gadgets are the 3GL 40mm grenade launcher and the Anti-air mine an automated one-use rocket turret that’s good at disabling helicopters.
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Premium Edition
Standard Edition

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Anonymous says on November 09, 2019, 13:40

Battlefield 4 has to be one of the best Battlefields so far , you can purchase your own game server witch is great

Rating: 5/5

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