Dolmen: Gameplay Trailer Drops for Upcoming RPG

4 September 2021 at 19:23 in Gaming News with no comments

Massive Work Studio has finally released an official gameplay trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Dolmen.

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Dolmen is a sci-fi, horror-action RPG set on the hostile planet of Revion Prime, where bug-like monstrous creatures have breached an interdimensional rift to wreak havoc on a mining station.

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In a previous video released as a story trailer, we learned that the player’s job is now to contain the threat by any means necessary.

The gameplay trailer shows that we can expect Dolmen to feature heavy run and gun mechanics, similar to id Software’s DOOM and EA’s Dead Space, and perhaps some Dark Souls-like combat.

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The trailer is just over a minute in length, but it does a good job of highlighting the melee and ranged combat and even shows us a huge enemy that could be a boss.

Dolmen is not all about hacking and slashing with over-the-top weaponry, though, as you will need to scavenge for parts to craft gear and customize your armor.

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And it wouldn’t be much of a sci-fi game without the odd ability to use, which Dolmen seems to have, fortunately.




Dolmen has no set release date yet, but we know it will launch in 2022 for PC, and you can buy it on Steam.

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