Dog Finds Owner’s FIFA 16 Game a Chewy Treat

26 September 2015 at 16:42 in Gaming News with 5 comments

Well, there’s nothing more adorable than a sports-loving furry friend! ..that is until this man’s dog came in to the picture.


A Twitter user with the handle @karlkaszuba seems to be having quite a day last Thursday, as he finds his precious FIFA 16 package all gnawed and chewed by his dog before he can even play it.

On a post on Twitter, Karl expressed his sheer grief when he found his newly-delivered FIFA 16 package in bits and pieces. Apparently, his dog was left alone at home and pretty much took a liking with the package and decided to chew on it.

“…I think my dog wanted to have a go on @EASPORTSFIFA before I got home,” his tweet read.

  Posting a photo of the poor PlayStation 4 disk, he added, “…just found the disk. It won’t fit in the PlayStation with all the bites.”    


  But just as everyone thought he’s lost a good amount of money for nothing, EA Sports responded to his tweet the following day, offering to replace the damaged CD. Good job, EA people!       

And here’s a photo of his adorable dog, just in case you’re curious about it.


Having been released on September 24th in Europe, FIFA 16 is also available in digital format for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4. It is also available on Origin for PC!