Deal of the Day – 09.09.2014

By Newscaster on September 9, 2014 Deal of the Day with 1 Comment


*Prices may change at any time without prior notice

Sniper Elite 3 | 11.50€ (Region-Free), 12.69€ (Russian) Steam COMPARE PRICES


The year is 1942. In North Africa, Germany is building a weapon that has the power to eliminate the Allied forces. Your mission is to sabotage the plans of The Afrika Korps before it’s too late for the Allied resistance.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War | 2.80€ (Russian, Steam), 8.97€ (Region-Free, uPlay) uPlay, Steam COMPARE PRICES


With a unique art style and story tone, Valiant Hearts: The Great War brings you through history in an emotional adventure game mixed with exploration, action, and puzzles. The story revolves around a young German soldier in search for his love, along with his trusty canine companion that helps him overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, or avoid enemies.

The Forest | 8.88€ Steam COMPARE PRICES


Build. Explore. Survive. Get an open world survival horror experience in The Forest. Chop down trees, build a camp, start a fire to keep warm, scavenge food, or find and plant seeds to grow food. At night, defend your camp. Craft weapons and tools, and attack your enemies. Do everything to survive.

Galactic Civilizations 3 | 29.90€ (Limited Edition) Steam COMPARE PRICES


Research new technologies, explore the galaxy, and colonize new worlds. Protect our galaxy from alien domination!