Dead By Daylight Tome 8: Deliverance Brings New Skins and More

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Dead By Daylight Tome 8: Deliverance is live in the Archives, and players get access to new skins, challenges, and rewards, just to name a few.

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The latest entry in the Dead By Daylight Archives comes after Forsaken which started in May and ended July 21st.

For the uninitiated, the Archives has two entries which are Tomes and Rifts. Tomes offer players challenges they need to complete, as well as new lore which are revealed through character stories that were never seen before. Rifts are where players can earn exclusive time-limited cosmetics.


What’s in Dead By Daylight Tome 8: Deliverance?



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The Tome brings you inside the twisted mind of Jeffrey Hawk, aka The Clown. Step into his past and find out about his obsession with fingers as well as why his relationship with his father is complicated.

In addition, you also get to access Jake Park’s memory as he become the hunted while he wrestles with his own mortality. The Observer is also out on a quest to find answers about the omniverse.

Playing through the tome and completing challenges will reward you with rift fragments which you can use in the Rift.



The Rift introduces the new yellow glyph challenge which survivors have to interact with during the trial. Take note, though, that these glyphs trigger a skill check, and failing will teleport it to a different location in the map, and you would have to find it again.

The free track, which is available to all Dead By Daylight players, allows you to unlock free outfits for Nea and the Hillbilly. The Premium track, on the other hand, has outfits for: The Clown, The Huntress, Elodie, Ace and Jake.

You’ll also find updated visuals for some survivors aside from those mentioned.


If you haven’t played yet, this is a great time to hop into the fog and experience all the new content Deliverance has to offer. Get your CD key today and save by using our price comparison for Dead By Daylight.


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