Compare Humble Bundle Discovery Game Bundle Deals with Allkeyshop

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Compare Humble Bundle Discovery Game Bundle Deals with Allkeyshop

As the Future Game Show Summer Edition approaches, the annual gaming event by GamesRadar and Future, Humble Bundle joins in and offers a new bundle featuring indie and AA games. Games presented during the 2022 and 2023 editions of the Show that certainly caught attention and excited many, offering an interesting bundle at a very affordable price.

The games of the Humble Bundle Discovery Game Bundle

The lineup of the Discovery Game Bundle, ahead of the Future Game Show on 8th June 2024 at 9:00 PM (CEST), includes a bundle of 7 games, all with an average score above 74%, of which 6 come from the 2022 editions of the Future Game Show and one game shown in 2023. The list includes:

A bundle worth about 138€ that Humble offers at a price of about 13.82€ for the entire bundle, which is roughly 10% of the combined full price value of the games. The offer is valid until 27th June 2024, and as a Bundle, it also allows us to distribute the amount spent between Publisher, Charity Organization, and Humble as we like, paying just under €2 per game.

Humble Bundle Discovery Game Bundle vs Allkeyshop

A very interesting offer from Humble, with standout games like Gloomwood, a first-person survival game combining elements of classic games from the 90s-2000s like Thief; En Garde, a colorful soulslike with rapier duels; and Ship of Fools as a co-op Roguelike experience aboard a ship against sea monsters. But certainly, the rest of the games are all of excellent quality and highly appreciated by the community, with over 1000 reviews (some even above 4000) all positive.

That said, it is very likely that many people own one or more games from the bundle, or at least are interested in only some of the games. And much of the value of the bundle certainly comes from some of the games like Gloomwood, and probably American Arcadia and Ship of Fools as standout games. With Allkeyshop you can save money by purchasing only those games that interest you from the entire bundle, especially if you are interested in only one or two games.


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