Civilization VII Unveiled at Summer Game Fest – Console Release Confirmed

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Civilization VII Unveiled at Summer Game Fest - Console Release Confirmed

Fantastic news comes directly from 2K at the Summer Game Fest 2024. The publisher, which had been the subject of rumors in recent days, has managed to surprise everyone with a teaser dedicated to Civilization VII. The new chapter of the renowned and historic 4X saga is arriving nearly 9 years after the previous chapter, with news on the release date and the platforms on which the game will be available.

When Civilization VII Will Arrive and on Which Platforms

Well, right during the Summer Game Fest, and exactly on the opening day of the conference, 7 June 2024, 2K unexpectedly revealed a teaser dedicated to the next chapter of the Civilization series. Civilization VII, with a teaser made in diorama style with 3D miniatures that replicate the passage of the most important moments of human civilization from the Bronze Age to the Modern Era. A teaser that reaffirms the series’ typical focus on history.

Thanks to the teaser, we also have a release date for Sid Meier’s Civilization VII, scheduled for 2025, with official pages now available. Additionally, from 2K both at the end of the teaser and with the post on the official blog, we also have the platforms. Civilization VII will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and finally on Nintendo Switch. It will come to all platforms, both old and current gen, just like Civilization VI eventually did.

Further News on Civilization VII Coming Soon

But the news is certainly not over yet. From now until the launch scheduled for 2025, there are well over the remaining 6 months, with a more detailed release date very likely to be announced before the end of 2024. But 2K has already confirmed a gameplay showcase for August 2024. In short, fans of the series will be able to get an idea of what to expect with Civilization VII in a few months, potentially with a release date and the possibility of pre-ordering the game.

Certainly very positive news for fans of the series, who have continued to play Civilization VI until today thanks to the various DLCs released to expand the experience. It is certain that the competition for Civilization 7 will be very tough, considering that in recent years we have seen numerous valid games in the 4X series and hybrids, with innovative formulas and interesting gameplay options. And certainly, Civ 6 itself will probably also be one of the games with which the next chapter will be compared, especially in terms of content. In short, Firaxis will have to show news and features requested by the community if they want to impress fans of the genre with the new Civilization VII, given the strong competition.


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