City of Gangsters – New Gameplay Trailer Released

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City of Gangsters, the upcoming mafia management game from SomaSim and Kasedo Games, has a new gameplay trailer, and it offers an insight into what the game is all about.

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The trailer shows off four mechanics within the game, resource management, relationships, rivals, and legacy.




In City of Gangsters, you will work your way up from nothing to control a massive empire.

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As your influence grows across the city, so too will your empire expand, which will open more opportunities for you.

Many of your buildings will conduct business legally at the front, while illegal operations take place in a backroom.

The success of your business relies on your ability to acquire the right resources and skills and use those to build up a fleet of workers and vehicles and form connections with associates.



Your customers and partners are essential to success, so you will need to build and manage relationships as you expand.

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One of the ways to ensure success is to call in favors that you’ve earned by completing missions so that you can expand your operations, create deals, and attend social events.

It’s not all positive, though, because you will need to do whatever you can to succeed in this city, which means extorting local businesses and threatening rivals.

Any hostile actions you perform can have consequences, so it’s essential to take care when choosing who you shakedown.



The city is a dangerous place, and as you build your empire, you will find that the police and feds are just as corrupt as your competition.

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As you make and ship your moonshine to customers, you will also find yourself bribing local and national police to avoid some serious jail time.

While sliding officers money, you will need to prevent rival gangs from encroaching on your territory and selling to your customers.

A street war can be brutal, and your crew should be well-armed so that they can deal with anyone that steps onto your turf.



Before alcohol becomes legal again, your empire will need to see success across four categories: Fame, Connections, Economy, and Competitors.

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Fame measures how powerful and wealthy you are through assets and territory.

Connections shows how well you have managed relationships and gained favors through missions and business deals.

Economy is a measurement of how you have managed both production and distribution through your networks.

Finally, Competitors is how you have dealt with rivals, whether it be through force or diplomacy.




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