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Release date
28 April 2021
Official website
Midwinter Entertainment
Improbable Worlds Limited
Strategy Action Early Access Survival Stealth Shooter ... PvP Sandbox Third-Person Shooter Sci-fi Combat Action-Adventure Cinematic Dark Dystopian Inventory Management PvE Snow Looter Shooter Hero Shooter

Scavengers is a multiplayer survival shooter video game that is developed by Midwinter Entertainment and Improbable. The game is published by Midwinter Entertainment.

The moon has been destroyed and Earth has turned into a frozen wasteland. The remaining humans live in a single space station that is looked after a malevolent AI called Mother. Once in awhile, Mother would send down a team of humans to Earth to gather whatsoever supplies are available. The one who is able to bring back the most supplies will receive a reward from Mother.

Once on Earth, you will have to work together and attack outposts of bandits or mutated wildlife. Other things that can also harm you are extreme weather, starvation, and sometimes the occasional grizzly bear.

The only catch in the game is that when you have completed the task, Mother will send a ship to gather resources. This will signal every creature in the area and waves and waves of enemies will be after you. Will you help your team to survive and come back together? Or will you bolt out of there and reach the ship alone and get the rewards from Mother for yourself.


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