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It's a digital key that allows you to download Alvastia Chronicles directly to Nintendo Switch directly from Nintendo eShop.

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Release date
14 February 2020
Official website
Exe Create Inc.
Strategy Adventure RPG Indie Casual Anime JRPG

About this game

Elima and her brother found the man who killed their parents 10 years back and they are out for revenge! Also, they must gather more than 100 companions in order to fight the monsters coming into the upper world and bring back peace to Alvastia.

  • Travel the world and encounter more than 100 companions.
  • Go on turn-based battles with up to 13 party members.
  • Open up bonds when you connect to your compansions and make use of its effects.
  • Upgrade your weapons, go on quests, and level up your character to save the world and finally avenge your parent’s death.


Sadly, Alvastia Chronicles is yet another conceptual failure and broken mess of a game. I admire Kemco for its dedication to the retro aesthetic, and, as the old saying goes, a broken clock is right twice per day. Kemco has produced worthy games in the past through this approach. But while churning bland, derivative, and poorly tested games might work on the mobile space, in a commercial sense, there’s nothing of value in Alvastia Chronicles. It’s nothing but a drain on a person’s time.

Digitally Downloaded


Games like Alvastia Chronicles are the reason why I continue to get excited about the next RPG release from EXE Create and KEMCO. When the team gets it right, it is hard to find a better experience within the budget tier of the traditional JRPG market. While all EXE Create RPGs lack the polish to be considered “perfect” games, it would be difficult to find a comparable solution at the same price point. If you’re looking to invest in a solid budget JRPG, Alvastia Chronicles is an excellent place to start.


Alvastia Chronicles Encounter Master Orb

Alvastia Chronicles Encounter Master Orb lets players configure the encounter rate in the game via the Option menu.

Alvastia Chronicles Experience Master Orb

Alvastia Chronicles Experience Master Orb increases all the character’s experience to 200%.

Alvastia Chronicles Damage Master Orb

Alvastia Chronicles Damage Master Orb increases the damage dealt to enemies X2.

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There are 5 offers ranging from 6.49€ to 6.49€.

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