Best New Games to Release this Week: August 14 – August 20

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Major Game Releases of the Week


Dive headfirst into the captivating world of Wayfinder! Get ready to explore endless possibilities in a realm where customization has no limits. Forge your own trail by wandering through immersive landscapes, collecting rare materials, and giving free rein to your imagination through crafting. The incredible power to shape the destiny of Evenor is right at your fingertips – are you up for the challenge?


Welcome to the world of Gord, where building is essential for survival, but real glory comes from conquering the mysterious shadows that linger beyond the gates. Dive into a realm of dark fantasy, where you’ll weave through a tapestry of quests and care for a community whose stories and well-being shape the fate of your tribe. Your journey is about to begin, and it’s a saga you’ll shape with every decision.


Get in on the action with the next-level FieldSENSE in Madden NFL 24! With slicker character moves and sharper AI, you’re the master of your gameplay destiny, poised to outplay any competitor confidently. It’s time to take the field by storm, elevate your game to unprecedented heights, and revel in an all-new tier of sports gaming greatness!


Brace yourself for a bone-chilling adventure in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! Slip into the shoes of a notorious Slaughter family member or one of their unsuspecting victims. This third-person, asymmetrical horror extravaganza draws inspiration from the iconic 1974 horror film that set the bar. Get ready to dive into the heart of the horror, where a spine-tingling journey into the unknown awaits.

    Best New Games Releasing This Week      

Tuesday, August 15




Everspace 2


Moving Out 2


Wednesday, August 16


The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood


Thursday, August 17




Marble It Up! Ultra


Red Dead Redemption


Vampire Survivors


Friday, August 18


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Madden NFL 24


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