Astro Bot Beats Doom and Gears of War on Latest Wishlist Rankings

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Astro Bot Beats Doom and Gears of War on Latest Wishlist Rankings

PlayStation’s State of Play was certainly a unique experience for Sony fans. While we saw some gameplay and showcases of unexpected returns, new releases, and more, Astro Bot undeniably stole the show. In just a few days, it became the number one most Wishlisted game.

Astro Bot Tops the Wishlist Rankings

The Wishlist ranking was compiled by Gamesindustry, based on the Playlist curated by IGN. As confirmed by the outlet, this playlist is based on logs and activities recorded via web and the mobile app. With a sample of approximately 43,000 players over the two weeks from 30th May to 12th June 2024, it includes not only games presented by Sony but the entire video game industry featured in the Summer Game Fest.

Top 10 Wishlist according to IGN Playlist, Astrobot at the top

Interestingly, Astro Bot tops the charts, surpassing Doom: The Dark Ages, the highly anticipated new chapter in the Doom soft reboot series, and Gears of War: E-Day, the sixth installment in the beloved Microsoft series. The Perfect Dark reboot ranks fourth, Assassin’s Creed Shadows fifth, and an interesting game in Clair Obscur: Expedition as sixth. A game from Sandfall Interactive combines turn-based RPG mechanics with real-time elements in a world inspired by France’s Belle Époque period.

The Reasons Behind Astro Bot’s Popularity

With the opening of Astro Bot pre-orders on 7 June 2024, many were surprised by the game’s success in just a few days. Astro has undeniably become the new mascot of PlayStation, specifically PlayStation 5. Many appreciated Astro’s Playroom, which showcased all the potential and new features of the PS5, although Astro first appeared on PS4 as the mascot of Playroom VR. These features, still not fully utilized by developers, contributed to Astro Bot’s success, with gameplay that seems to leverage not only the graphical capabilities of the PS5 but also its interactivity.

Astro Bot dressed as the iconic Parappa, from PaRappa the Rapper from the pre-order bonus

Combined with carefree gameplay suitable for everyone that doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering an adventure platformer featuring around 150 cameos from some of the most beloved franchises. Many are eagerly awaiting Astro Bot’s release, scheduled for 6th September 2024, exclusively on PS5, with hopes it will also come to PC in the future.


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