Allkeyshop’s Bug/Error Bounty Program

1 January 2018 at 08:06 in Allkeyshop, Reward Program with 4 comments

Here at Top quality service is our utmost priority. We strive to provide a flawless and easy way on how you can buy your games at the cheapest price possible.

  • Our first step towards this goal is to minimize and eliminate all possible errors and bugs that may occur on our website regarding our Game Price Pages, Rewards Programs and other Tools and Functions that cater to our subscribers.

  • Our Development Team and Tech Team are working together continuously to provide you with the best price comparison site. 

  • With this Goal we have also created a community where a support system for both parties (Subscribers and our Company) have been established, thus the conception of our Live Chat service and Our Email Support System.

As a token of our gratitude to our supportive Allkeyshop Community, we have decided to reward people who will Report,Inform and Notify us with errors and bugs concerning our website.

Allkeyshop Bounty Program:

Is a Program where users will be given rewards in form of points for reporting a Valid Issue/Problem concerning the website (Bugs,Errors etc).

Here are our guidelines on how a User/Subscriber will be given points. (Points Voucher Code)


We will reward various kind of reports:

  • Wrong/Missing Price
  • Game Platform errors
  • Bugs/Errors of any kind : Game page Errors, Typo Errors, Page Image Missing, Wrong Labels etc.

  • Other users abusing and manipulating our system : Multiple Accounts, Bug Abuse, Cheating and using 3rd Party Programs.

  • You can also report other Users/Subscibers who threaten and Bully other people. As much as possible we would like to maintain a friendly and stress-free community.

If our users have encountered any of the things mentioned above, He/She can report it immediately to our Live Chat Service or send a message to our Email Support System.

Before making a report please make sure that you have any of the following requirements included on your message.

  • Screenshot of the Error/Bug/Problem: Full Screen and Unedited, If possible the desktop should be visible with the current date and time.
  • If the report concerns a specific User/Subscriber: The complete Username/Email should be included.
  • See to it that you will provide your details (Username,Website Registered) to the support Agent for verification purposes and for them to be able to record all possible information regarding the issue.


  • Our Support Agents will verify the report and will come up with a resolution as soon as they can.
  • Kindly take note that not all issues and reports can be solved in an instant since we also need to verify and check with the concerned department all the proofs and evidences that were submitted. so we ask for your patience and understanding regarding this.
  • You will be notified and contacted through your email if the problem will not be solved the moment you reported the issue. (Be sure to provide a valid and working email)
  • After quickly verifying that the Error/Bug is correct (if possible), We will be rewarding the user who submitted the report with a coupon code worth 10 000 Allkeyshop points. (The Coupon can only be used once)
  • You can report as many bugs/errors as possible. (Another Code Will be given if the report is Valid)
  • Codes can be redeemed in the Reward Program Page in Allkeyshop  (Just put the code under the Redeem Coupon Section -Apply Coupon)
  • Amount of points that will be given may increase if the report is very big and vital to the flow of operation with regards to the company.

We would like to thank all our loyal Users and Subcribers for your continued Support and Vigilance towards these kinds of issues. With your Help and Cooperation we move closer towards reaching Allkeyshop’s Goal!

*If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.