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Overwatch hits $1 Billion in Revenue for Microtransactions

Blizzard’s team hero shooter, Overwatch, has just passed $1 billion in revenue for in-game microtransactions. The milestone was revealed by SuperData Arcade in its monthly report. Overwatch now joins World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Destiny, Candy Crush and Hearthstone in Activision Blizzard’s list of IPs to hit this mark. It is also the 64th game for PC, console or mobile to cross the one billion dollar sales mark for in-game content. Overwatch first launched in 2016 and has since become a hit with a steady esports scene.

Sandbox MMO Citadel Forged with Fire Leaves Early Access in October

Citadel Forged with Fire finally has a 1.0 launch date. Developer Blue Isle Studios announced that the magic-focused sandbox MMORPG will be stepping out of Early Access come October 11th. The game will also launch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the same day and will be available in both physical and digital formats. Citadel Forged with Fire first launched back in July of 2017 as an Early Access title on Steam and was praised for its unique magic system, expansive world, and fun combat and flight.

Black Desert to Hold Free PS4 Beta in August

Developer Pearl Abyss has announced a free beta test for Black Desert on the PlayStation 4. The beta starts on August 9th at 8 AM BST or 9 AM CEST and runs until August 13th at 10 AM BST or 11 AM CEST. The beta will allow players access to six character classes which they can experience up to level 50. Pre-orders are also open for the PS4 version with PlayStation Plus subscribers getting ten percent off for any edition of the game. Meanwhile, the Xbox One version has added new skills and bosses in its latest update.

Vertical Shooter Pawarumi Out Now on Xbox One and Switch

Bullet hell shooter Pawarumi has just launched for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The vertical-scrolling shooter with a rock-paper-scissors twist was developed by French indie studio Manufacture 43 and is inspired by classics from 90’s pop culture. The game is presented in full 3D and features five unique levels. Players will be able to select from three difficulty levels, each one with a unique story ending.

Bad North Jotunn Edition Update Live Now for PC and Mac

Minimalist real-time strategy game Bad North just received a massive update for PC. Dubbed as Jotunn Edition, the update adds several new gameplay elements such as starting games with a chosen or random commander, selectable traits that give unique attributes for each commander, four new items, and a new enemy type. A new meta progression system has also been added that will allow players to unlock items and traits. The update is currently only available for Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, Discord and Kartridge.

Heavy Metal Machines Gets Ranked Mode and Gamepad Support

Heavy Metal Machines finally has Ranked Mode. This new match search feature will divide players into the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Heavy Metal divisions, with each of these further subdivided into five ranks. This replaces the Leaderboard and will feature 4×4 matches in either the Metal God or Temple of Sacrifice arenas. The latest update also adds native support for gamepads. Officially supported gamepads are the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, but other similar controllers should work as well.

ELEA Out Now on PlayStation 4

ELEA, the story-driven sci-fi game from developer Kyodai, has finally landed on the PlayStation 4. The game has been available on both PC and Xbox One for some time, but now PS4 players can also enjoy the gripping narrative. ELEA tells the story of River Elea Catherine Jones, a space scientist on a mission to investigate the fate of the research starship Recovery and its crew. The ship was sent on an expedition thirteen years ago but suddenly went silent. Elea’s husband was a prominent member of the Recovery’s crew.

Developer Denki Teams Up with Curve Digital for Autonauts’ PC Release

Management sim Autonauts is headed to PC this autumn. Indie studio Denki has teamed up publisher Curve Digital for the game’s release. Autonauts is the latest project from former DMA Design creative director Gary Penn who is known for games such as Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings. The game features a unique mechanic where players employ the help of worker bots whose AI can be coded to do different tasks using an in-game visual programming language. The game has been in development since 2017.

Sega Gives First Glimpse of Real-Time Combat in Project Sakura Wars

Sega has finally given us a glimpse of the combat in the upcoming action title, Project Sakura Wars. The gameplay shown features Seijuro and Sakura taking on enemies in real-time action combat as opposed to the turn-based strategy system of previous entries. Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi explained that they thought a more fast-paced battle system would please fans and that they also wanted something that emulates the action scenes from the opening sequences of the Sakura Taisen games, particularly Sakura Taisen 3.

League of Legends Partch 9.15 Brings New Skins and Balance Changes

Riot has revealed what players can expect in the upcoming League of Legends 9.15 patch which hits the PBE very soon. Design director Andre ‘Meddler’ Van Roon stated that patches 9.15 to 9.18 will be smaller patches focused on stability and minor balance changes. This is in preparation for Worlds which is set to take place later this year on patch 9.19. Patch 9.15 will bring back the Project skin line headlined by a legendary Pyke skin. Several heroes have also received buffs and nerfs.

Play Disgaea for Free on Steam this Weekend

Hit over-the-top tactical RPG Disgaea is free-to-play this weekend on Steam. Although technically an old game, the original Disgaea has aged well, not to mention it features a better plot compared to most of the other entries in the series. It’s also a massive game with a 9999 max level and dozens of hours of gameplay. Steam users can play for free up until July 28th. Players who decide they want to purchase the game can do so at a hefty seventy percent discount up until July 30th.

Overwatch Character Sigma’s Bare Feet is an ‘Asylum’ Look

Overwatch recently launched a new hero named Sigma. He is an astrophysicist that has gone a bit crazy while studying black holes. A peculiar thing about him that fans of the game noticed is that his feet are bare. This actually grossed some of the players out and asked for a future skin that would give him shoes. The artist of the character Qui Fang said that Sigma’s feet are bare to sell the crazy look and explains that some mental health facilities do not allow shoes on their patients.

New Pro Clubs Available in New FIFA 20 Update

EA was able to release new updates for FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs. The new updates include improved customization options. There is also the reintroduction of some key positions to have a better tactical lineup. The player progression was also able to receive some changes. This time your position, height and weigh will matter in the game. 30 additional new traits have been added as well that will allow you to tweak your player to your liking. Lastly, new cups have been added that players are able to join in.

Darksiders Genesis Limited Edition Announced

Darksiders Genesis announced their limited edition and it is insanely expensive. The edition is called the Nephilim Edition and there are only a total of 5,000 units. at $380 USD. The Nephilim Edtion comes with the Darksiders: The Forbidden Land board game, a Strife figurine, a steel bookcase, an art book, an official OST, a sticker sheet as well as a huge box which will house everything in. This edition will be available for all of the game’s platform. A standard edition is also available for the game.

Spiritual Successor to Doom Called Jupiter Hell Now in Early Access

The spiritual successor to Doom which is Jupiter Hell is coming to Steam Early Access on August 1. The game feels like a top-down, turn-based roguelike version of Doom but instead of Mars is set on Jupiter. The game’s Kickstarter campaign started back in 2016 and had a goal of £60,000 which they were able to reach and just after three years, the game is launching on Steam Early Access. No price is stated for the game as of yet. The game offers an RPG progression system that has unlockable abilities.

New Game Plus Mode Available in Rage 2 Update

The second update for Rage 2 is here and it comes with a New Game Plus mode, an Ironman mode, and a new ultra nightmare difficulty as well as some bug fixes and some quality of life improvements. The New Game Plus mode will allow players to go through the game once finished but this time having all your weapons, abilities, and upgrades. The Iron Man mode is where you get to play with just one life. If that’s not enough, you can try a new “crazy hard” mode. A Wolfenstein voice pack is also available as well.

This War of Mine DLC Adds New Story Scenario

11 Bit Studio’s This War of Mine is getting a new story scenario with its new DLC called Fading Empires. This tells the story of Anja who is trapped in a warzone. Only a few details were given about this but the scenarios given will force you to choose between some ethical conundrums. There will be multiple endings depending on the choices that you make in the game. This War of Mine Fading Empires is set to launch on August 6.

Pagan Online to Launch as Full Game Next Month

Pagan Online is leaving Early Access this month and the game’s full release is scheduled to be on August 27th. The full release of the game will be adding an expanded story campaign which will consist of eight acts as well as two new playable characters who are Elden and Hector. The update will also add a click-to-move option plus controller support. The loot system will also be revamped for more drops that are “valuable, diverse, and immediately usable”. There is also a new weapon class.

NBA 2k20 Demo Arriving Next Month

2K Games will be releasing a demo for their upcoming game NBA 2K20. The demo will be launching August 21st. The demo will let players try out the MyCareer’s early phases as well as creating a character in the MyPlayer builder. All progress that you get in the demo will be carried over to the full game. The demo though, will only be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is no PC demo available though. NBA 2K20 is set to launch on September 6th available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

Free Content Updates Shared for Battalion 1944

Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 shared roadmap details for free content updates. They are planning to roll out large, season updates every eight weeks. There will also be new arcade and event modes planned as well as new BattleRank seasons that will have new skins. Plans also include fresh War Chests plus new items and reworks on maps. Some mid-season updates will also be seen which will have balance changes, bug fixes and more. This August 1st will also be the start of the Summer Seasonal Update.

Anno 1800 Update 4 Will Arrive This July 30th

A new update for Anno 1800 is on the way, Ubisoft has announced. This update is slated to roll out on July 30th, and is going to bring some improvements, fixes, and more. The update includes improvement on the camera’s zoom out — it will allow players to significantly zoom the camera further. The update also includes rework and rebalance on Expedition rewards in or der to make them feel more rewarding. The full patch is available in the game’s website.

Battlefield 5 Update 4.2 is Now Live

Battlefield 5’s update 4.2 is out now, and it brings a lot of changes to the game. The update reduces the recoil and increases the muzzle velocity for the P08 Carbine to improve its effectiveness. Also, kills in Firestorm are now awarded if the enemy player disconnects during the downed state. The update also comes with fixes and improvements. EA DICE also shared what’s coming with the upcoming update 4.4 which includes two new maps, updates to Fortress Mode, and many more.

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