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Review by gaaillc06 on May 30, 2020, 10:07 4 5

Call of Duty has told some really shocking stories in its prime years. Recently, these stories have become less and more interesting for the situation to culminate in the release of the single-player campaign from Black Ops 4. This year's Modern Warfare corrects that omission, though as the sixteenth Call of Duty offers nothing we haven't seen before. Modern Warfare is realistic, occasionally shocking in its depiction of modern warfare, but at the same time, it is predictably archaic in its design, both gameplay and story.

Review by alfie-clark on June 16, 2020, 12:50 5 5
  • Graphics
  • Gamemodes
  • Gameplay
  • Variety
  • Playerbase
  • Scorestreaks

Call Of Duty: Modern warfare remains as one of the very few games that can be played cross console. This for me is a major benefit, along with its large player count and impressive graphics its an extremely complete game.

Pros: Wide range of game modes which refresh weekly which gives some great diversity to the game play. Each month there are 2-3 new game modes introduced, often for limited times but are exciting and fresh. There is large amounts of free content available with new weapons and maps added each season. The campaign is engaging but not where it excels. The multiplayer is extremely impressive, especially the ground war mode which is basically a battlefield game using call of duty mechanics. Seriously impressive.

Cons: It can be frustrating, a game as casual and un-moderated as this can have the occasional cheater like any other game. The score streaks leave much to be desired, often seeming overpowered and game ruining. One score-streak can arrive and its basically game over at that point. Fortunately this is infrequent as the map design is excellent. Not allowing for too much camping.

Overall: I would thoroughly recommend this game to anyone. Its a very well rounded, polished game which will be around for at least another year.

Review by samir-12 on May 30, 2020, 10:08 4 5
  • Immersive campaign with great atmosphere
  • Not pay2win, only cosmetics.
  • Fun and free warzone mode!
  • New multiplayer content every 2 months.
  • A bit overpriced, use allkeyshop :)
  • Takes up ALOT of disk space!
  • High ping in certain regions.

A great immersive shooter, with stunning graphics! With an fun multiplayer and free battle royale. But kinda overpriced and takes up ALOT of diskspace. The campaign is quite fun and immersive with some new gameplay elements. The visuals are extremely good and makes for a even more immersive experience. The multiplayer is updated quite often with new content, like new gamemodes and weapons which keeps the multiplayer experience new and refreshing. The battleroyale is up to par with other battleroyales, and is quite fun especially with friends. Sadly i can't say the same things about the Coop mode, where you play special missions with your friends. It has basically been abandoned in favor of the more popular warzone and multiplayer. Overall a solid 4/5!

Review by emi2013emi on June 06, 2020, 8:21 5 5
  • grapics
  • story
  • gameplay
  • bugs

I didn`t played last 3-4 call of duty games from the series because at some point, 2 games in a row dissapointed me and I quit, but it was an offer on battlenet and I grabbed the game and it was a good decision. Very good game. At first there were some bugs with random crashes, but they fixed them. Good story, nice chars and fine shooting. The cutscenes were less which it is a plus. More shooting for me. I recommend it.

Review by adam-zoghlami on May 30, 2020, 10:26 3 5
  • Very fast paced
  • Fun with friends
  • Good graphics
  • Unbalanced Guns
  • Unbalanced Maps
  • Menu full of bug
  • Too many updates/takes 200GB
  • Bad Netcode

Very fast paced, Unbalanced Guns (GRAU,MP7 and Kar98k are OP).
Fun with friends, boring alone. Graphics are good but too heavy to the hardware.
Come on 200GB of space and counting???
The community is salty no matter if you win or lose, don't activate voice chat EVER
Bugs everywhere even in the menu and the challenges, the netcode is like when BF4 came out, updates don't solve anything they only give ugly skin bundles to buy like it's raining (RIP animated Black Ops 2 skins)

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