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Review by frutch on June 17, 2020, 15:49 5 5
  • new physics
  • many sidequests
  • the player choose whats next
  • no typical Zelda Dungeons

Breath of the Wild is a stunning open-air adventure with a great art style, awesome physic engine and some nice mechanics. The main Item in this Game is the Sheikah slate, a tablet to create bombs in different shapes or ice pillars out of water, lift different objects with the magnet or freeze Enemies right in time.
There is no guideline for the player. You can do whatever you want and go wherever you want.
There is many stuff to collect, many recipes to cook and many mysterious things to discover.
Shrines are a cool feature but can't replace the dungeons of the zelda series.
How ever the game is a ten out of ten and needs to be played by everyone who loves good games.
Enjoy links newest adventure . You won't regret it!

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