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Imagine a world where North Korea is the most dominant country in the entire world. Whether it be technological, economic, and other advancements, they are always on top. This is exactly how Homefront The Revolution’s story is all about. And less than a month to go before it finally gets released, Deep Silver released a new trailer which shows how North Korea rose to power.

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It all started when North Korea rose from the shadows of the Korean War. Thanks to a company named APEX Corporation, technological advancements have brought the country to worldwide fame. From phones, tablets, watches, and even weapons of war, the APEX Corporation has done it all.

As years pass by, wars have broken on different parts of the world, and economies have hit rock-bottom. America is on its knees. The North Koreans took advantage of America’s situation and took total control of the country.

Now here is where The Revolution comes in. As the leader of The Revolution, you have to win the hearts of the people and turn every part of Philadelphia against the KPA one zone at a time. How will you fare? You can find out once Homefront The Revolution comes out on May 20, 2016.

Want to get a little peek on what the APEX Corporation is? Check out this trailer/promotional video:

And here’s the latest trailer from Homefron The Revolution – “America Has Fallen”



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