Watch Dogs 2: Teaser Trailer For Space Themed Sci-Fi Game Discovered

Watch Dogs 2: Teaser Trailer Cover

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Ubisoft may have hidden a teaser trailer for a new sci-fi space themed game in Watch Dogs 2. This of course, are rumors for now and should only be taken with a grain of salt.

All of this has come to light when one mission in the game will task the players to hack into the Ubisoft HQ for a new project. Here, Marcus and his allies from Ded Sec are trying to take down a dubious conglomerate by gathering followers in the social media. They plan to get as many followers as they can get by leaking a trailer for a new game.

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The mission is called ‘Ubistolen’. This mission can only be accessed when Marcus happens to listen in on a conversation which was between two Ubisoft employees regarding leaks.

The video is just a short teaser trailer that shows various space crafts apparently floating through space to the music of laid back country that will really remind you of Cowboy Bebop. Get to watch the trailer below by FlammableAce:

Watch Dogs 2 is available November 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC players will be able to purchase their game 2 weeks after, on November 29, 2016.



watch-dogs-2-1-small-150x150 Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Out One Week Before Game Release

The trailer to Watch Dogs 2 was published early. Get to watch the video trailer here.

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