Top 20 Games Similar to FIFA 17

In FIFA 17, we play as Alex Hunter, a 17-year-old football player from Clapham. Your goal will be to reach the top of the premier league. You will also have access to different game modes, such as championships, cups and much more. You can read the complete description of the game on this link.

The games we have selected most instinctively link the various sports games closely resembling FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 is a sports simulation game. We relied on these 2 elements that make up the game to find similar suggestions..

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Discover the top 20 games similar to FIFA 17


As in most sports games, you will have to lead your player, or your team, to the top of the different leagues and championships.

In the list of games, you will notice that it is focused mainly on team management like Football Manager 2017.

There are also games that want to be more different, such as Football Tactics which is played on a turn-based basis and therefore more strategy-oriented, or even Soccer Rage that mixes football as well as combat. (Who has not dreamed of taking revenge on an opponent in a heavy defeat?) 🙂 Rocket League offers a type of sport game relatively atypical too, since it makes us play basketball, or even hockey, with the help of vehicles!

What do these games have in common?

Unlike FIFA 17 which is a game of Football, one can find games such as NBA 2k17, NHL 17, Rugby Challenge 3 and many other different games that are about a certain sport. The common point between these games is of course their gameplay based on the sport.

And you? What do you think of the top 20 games similar to FIFA 17?

Tell us your suggestions in the comments

  1. December 31, 2016, 00:01

    1.Rocket League (The best game on this list)
    2.NBA 2K
    3.Madden NFL
    4.MLB 15: The Show
    5.Pro Evolution Soccer
    6.WWE 2K16
    7.Football Manager 2017
    8.Fifa Manager
    9.Dangerous Golf
    10.Pro Cycling Manager

  2. HDJ THE FIRST says
    December 30, 2016, 23:09

    Games like FIFA 17: Cricket Captain 2016, Smoots World Cup, Rugby Challenge 3, Footbrawl Playground, Metris Soccer, Handball 17, Football Manager 2017, NHL 17, Football Tactics, Club Manager 2016


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