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Mmoga : coupon, facebook for steam download
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Mmoga coupon facebook for steam downloads

Mmoga coupon facebook for steam download. We post coupon codes available for Mmoga. When you buy a game, compare prices because you can save more through competition.

Web :

Current coupon codes : -3% : allkeyshop

Old promo code :

  • Date of creation: 02/2003
  • Language support: English, French, German
  • Currency: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, SEK, AUD, CAD, BRL
  • Means of payment: PayPal, paysafecard, Credit Card, Skrill, Carte Bleue, giropay, Maestro, Visa Delta/Debit, CartaSi, Dankort, Nordea Solo, iDEAL, Laser, EPS (Netpay), Online Bank Transfer, POLi, PostePay, All Polish Banks, DIRECTebanking, Solo, Ukash, Mazooma, 4B Card, Euro 6000, Bank transfer, Bitcoins, Mobile Payment
  • Average time key sending: 5 min
  • Average time support: 4 h


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    To post a review, leave a reply in the comments with the following template:

    • Date : XX/XX/XXXX
    • Hour : XXHXX
    • Game name : XXXXX
    • Price : XX,XX Euro
    • Means of payment : XXXX
    • How much time did it take to receive the key : X minutes/hours
    • Did you use support : yes/no
    • How much time did they take to respond: X minutes
    • Key works : yes/no



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  1. Dragoescu Alina says
    October 10, 2016, 17:50

    Date : 09/10/16
    Hour : 2.25PM
    Game name : 1 x WoW – Gamecard Prepaid 60 days
    Price : [EU] EUR 22,79
    Means of payment : Paypal
    How many time to receive the key : n/a
    Did you use support : Yes
    How many time they took to answer : Long
    Key working : n/a

    Avoid them by any meanings…….
    Short time after the order confirming e-mail arrived, they send an e-mail with a formular attached, and personal data requirements, like ID photo, me near ID photo,. I’ve send the formular completed and a photo with my ID, with personal data blurred. They send back that i must send them the photo as they requested for security reasons. I refused to give them any aditional personal data, and told them to send me the product or full refond asap. Im still waiting for their answer!!!!!

  2. bandito says
    October 6, 2016, 13:12

    Date : 04/10/2016
    Hour : 20:13
    Game name : Hitman
    Price : 38,79 Euro
    Means of payment : Skrill
    How much time did it take to receive the key : not received
    Did you use support : yes
    How much time did they take to respond: X minutes
    Key works : no

    I bought Hitman 2016 key, and nothing received. I ask the support after 12 hours, but they said, I’ll waiting for 2 day. I was patient, but nothing happend. I ask again support, they said They haven’t got key for Hitman, it might be one week later.
    It’s a joke! I asked for my money back, I waiting for now.

  3. Pat Hart says
    September 10, 2016, 07:10

    Date : 10.09.2016
    Hour : 08:08
    Game name : Divinity
    Price : 25,00 Euro

    Means of payment : paypal
    How much time did it take to receive the key : 10 minutes
    Did you use support : no
    Key works : yes

    i can only refer this Shop! i had never problems and i received every key i bought 🙂 n1 discount and friendly support (uses it onced cause i thought key didnt worked but i used steam instead of origin so it was my fault :D)

  4. Jose says
    September 8, 2016, 17:09

    Demasiadas verificaciones para una simple compra de una llave, una compra de 2 minutos se vuelve eterna, me niego a hacerme una foto con la documentacion… no lo recomiendo

  5. johnny rubben says
    September 4, 2016, 16:33

    Date : 04/09/2016
    Hour : 17:20
    Game name : wow 60 day subscription
    Price : 23 Euro
    Means of payment : paypal
    How much time did it take to receive the key : never received it
    Did you use support : yes
    How much time did they take to respond: 50 minutes
    Key works : no

    mmoga – bad virtual store – i purchase a lot from this stores and those websites – when i purchased wow game time , i received the paypal invoice but never received the key .

    waiting for their online support 50 minutes !!! – they told me that they want picture of owner’s passport near the owner itself coz they have a lot of fraud things .

    well first time i encounter that from all the websites i purchased – it sounds to me like mmoga are more fraud than what they claim , company which takes your passport and selling only games and unimportant stuff – will use your details and sell it for others .

    i do hope allkeyshop will remove them if they dont have better policies to protect against frauds (it is called 3dsecure in the clearing companies) – im so ashamed at their request for them .

  6. Thom says
    August 21, 2016, 13:08


    I realise their measures are for security, but self taken photos with a passport held to your head are more akin to hostage negotiations than convenient online transactions.

    I did however fully go though their process the first time and my resulting issue is their assertion, and I quote :

    “You only have to fill in this form once to be verified. You don’t have to do it at a later order.”

    This is a flat out lie as it turns out, and no explanation was offered as to why this was the case. The only reason I ever placed a second order was in the belief that I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of filling out PDF’s and taking passport toting selfies.

    I cancelled my order and made the same purchase from Green Man Gaming -in literally less than a minute- who immediately emailed me a Steam key. Somehow they seem to manage the threat of fraud without requiring my passport details.

    • Allkeyshop-Juvy says
      August 24, 2016, 01:34

      Hi Thom, thank you for your feedback. We will let them know about your concerned, it regards to this issue. We are hoping to give all the best to our users.

  7. Thom says
    August 21, 2016, 07:19

    Date : 21/08/16
    Hour : 7.00AM
    Game name : Deus Ex Mankind Divided
    Price : 32.51 Sterling
    Means of payment : Paypal
    How many time to receive the key : n/a
    Did you use support : Yes (painfully)
    How many time they took to answer : Quite quickly, just very unhelpfully
    Key working : n/a

    My initial purchase required a worrying quantity of verification information, turning a theoretical 5 minute transaction into a two day long back and forth email slog.

    Mmoga automated emails will then repeatedly assure you that this is a one time trial and will not be required for further purchases. On this basis I made a second purchase. It turns out that Mmoga automated emails are complete nonsense at best, actively duplicitous at worst. Support responded quickly but offered no explanation whatsoever and simply repeated demands for passport info/utility bills etc.

    Do not purchase from them unless you particularly relish the thought of standing against your wall, phone in one hand and passport in the other, taking the most awkwardly unnecessary selfie of your life.

    Every. Single. Purchase.

    • Allkeyshop-Juvy says
      August 21, 2016, 07:43

      Hi Thom,
      We’re sorry you experienced this. Mmoga is one of our trusted stores, and we rarely have any issues with them. Mmoga is asking you for those info for them to be able to check what’s going on with your account. Have you tried contacting them again about your issue?


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