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Created in 2012, the shop has established itself in the CD key vendors market in a few years. Like many e-commerce companies,’s headquarters is based in the United Arab Emirates.

We have been working with since July 2014, and overall we found no problems with their services.

  • Company Name : Omnyex E Commerce DMCC
  • License : N/A
  • Support Schedule : 24h/24 7d/7 and coupons (Update March 2017)

We always communicate with and unfortunately there are currently no valid coupons or discounts available with this store. If you are looking in other places for coupon codes, you will unfortunately waste your time with unreliable or not recommendable sites. Some of our trusted stores have a coupon voucher policy, while some do not. However, even without a promo code very often ranks among the least expensive shops in our price comparison. and Identity Check 

It is possible that if your purchase looks suspicious, the CD key vendors may subject you to a security check. This may be pretty annoying and you may lose time besides having the feeling of injustice and violation of your privacy. All CD key shops have a different policy on these checks and in the case of, we recommend the following best practices to avoid these checks:

  • Do not use proxy / VPN with your purchase.
  • If you use Paypal, use the same email address to create your account on the website.
  • If you use a credit card, use the same first and last name in your order on the website. and Trustpilot (Update March 2017) has a excellent Trustpilot rating of 9.7/10. trustpilot and Allkeyshop network rating (Update March 2017)

With our own rating system we get a score of 3.66/5 for seller. This is calculated taking into account views of users from all of our 8 websites.

The opinion of the team (Update March 2017) :

As a huge fan of video games, I buy very often for competitions, or for myself, and I very often come across when shopping. I also find one of the best sites in our price comparison pages. very often lands in the top 5 – and regularly in the top 3 – of the best prices during a release of a game.

It is not uncommon to select this seller and make significant savings.

This site is for me one of the best, and I invite you to give me your opinion in the comments below.



To post a review, leave a reply in the comments with the following template:

  • Date : XX/XX/XXXX
  • Hour : XXHXX
  • Game name : XXXXX
  • Price : XX,XX Euro
  • Means of payment : XXXX
  • How much time did it take to receive the key : X minutes/hours
  • Did you use support : yes/no
  • How much time did they take to respond : X minutes
  • Key works : yes/no

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  1. Solo761 says
    May 24, 2017, 09:57

    Date : 24/05/2017
    Hour : 10H35
    Game name : World Of Warcraft 60 Days Code EU
    Price : 19,29 Euro
    Means of payment : Paypal
    How much time did it take to receive the key : Instant on mail
    Did you use support : no
    Key works : yes

  2. Alex says
    May 18, 2017, 15:58

    Date : 18/05/2017
    Hour : 15:40
    Game name : Battlefield 1 Standard Edition
    Price : 28,78 Euro (with 5% Facebook Like coupon, you have to get a coupon in their facebook page just liking it isn’t enough)
    Means of payment : PayPal
    How much time did it take to receive the key : Instant
    Did you use support : No
    Key works : Yes

  3. Toenail says
    May 17, 2017, 17:32

    Date : 17/05/2017
    Hour : 19:20
    Game name : Overwatch – Origins Edition PC
    Price : 34.59 €
    Means of payment : Credit MasterCard
    How much time did it take to receive the key : Instant
    Did you use support : no
    Key works : yes


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