Price Drop 27/05

By JD on May 27, 2015 Deal of the Day with 7 Comments

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Dracula’s (61% Rating) portrait has been stolen. As Ellen Cross tries to track down the painting’s whereabouts, she discovers new information about the Shadow of the Dragon, the brotherhood Vlad Tepes might have been tied up with. Test your skills as you solve unique puzzles. Watch the story unravel in high definition graphics and movies. It’s time to face the Prince of Darkness. Will you give in to fear?

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Your name is Charlie, a rich heir who divides your time between philanthropy and being a private detective. As the latter, he relies on two things – his impeccable memory and a unique skill that let’s him revisit places he’s been to in his dreams. Solve puzzles as you gether clues in reality and retrace your steps in the dreamworld. Dream Chamber‘s (67% Rating) graphic style, humor and unique concept will appeal to fans of the adventure genre and newcomers alike.

Avernum: Escape from the Pit (78% Rating) tells the story of exiles looking for a place to call their own. They find themselves in the underworld where they have 4 choices – seek safety, escape, exact revenge or do all 3. With unique races, a huge world with over eighty towns and dungeons, over 50 spells and skills, hundreds of magical artifacts, and dozens of side quests to complete, this is an epic indie adventure every RPG fan should play.

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In Rover Rescue (94% Rating), you’ve got three ships and thousands of people to rescue. The only problem is, there’s millions of meteorites between you and them. Race against time through the entire solar system to salvage as much as you can. Use power-ups, speed enhancers, upgrades and more. Get moving before it’s too late.

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Sure, it’s a great feeling to be speeding in a car or bike down an open road, but imagine if you were going that fast… on foot! Fotonica (94% Rating) let’s you experience what it would be like to be running at 140 mph. With gorgeous vector style graphics and great music to match, it’s an arcade runner that’s both thrilling and challenging. Are you ready for a huge spike in adrenaline?

Command the German army in some of history’s most famous battles. Frontline – Road to Moscow (60% Rating) features 30 battle scenarios, all inspired by historical missions between 1941 and 1944. Upgrade your units as you get ready for land, naval and aerial combat. With terrain that reflect the historical battlefields and their impact on the battles, it’s a gem war and strategy enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Styx (72% Rating), a two-hundred-year-old goblin thief, plans to make the heist of the century – steal The Heart of the Tree from the World Tree in the Tower of Akenash. This treasure of inestimable value is the source of the Amber, a golden sap that grants immense and indomitable powers. Armed with a plan and a seemingly appropriate set of skills, he must get past the guards of men and elves without detection, less he be overpowered and killed.

Gauntlet meets Tomb Raider – need I say more? Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (68% Rating) puts you in the shoes of the legendary tomb raider on a quest to stop the evil god Set from enslaving all of mankind. Bring up to 3 of your friends to team up with rival treasure hunter Carter Bell and the imprisoned gods Horus and Isis. Battle ancient deities and mythical creatures while solving challenging puzzles in an action-packed arcade adventure. The fate of the world is in your hands.