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Deal of the Day: Quantum Conundrum


Directed by the lead designer of the Portal games, Quantum Conundrum (74% Rating) puts you in the shoes of a young boy visiting his eccentric inventor uncle. As soon as you get there, there’s an explosion, nothing is as you remember it, and worst – your uncle is missing. Use your uncle’s newest invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device, to solve puzzles and make your way through this crazy maze of a mansion. It’s a fun and challenging game that will make you think twice about ever visiting your relatives again.

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Serious Sam (78% Rating) is back! Relive the highly-acclaimed arcade first-person shooter – now with HD graphics. Wreak havoc on Mental’s plans as you destroy horrific and iconic monsters. Bring out the big guns with a huge arsenal of weapons and a myriad of power-ups. Get together with your friends to up to 16 players in over a dozen multiplayer modes and support for 4-player split screen and LAN. This Gold edition combines both the First and Second Encounters for countless hours of fun.

Styx (72% Rating), a two-hundred-year-old goblin thief, plans to make the heist of the century – steal The Heart of the Tree from the World Tree in the Tower of Akenash. This treasure of inestimable value is the source of the Amber, a golden sap that grants immense and indomitable powers. Armed with a plan and a seemingly appropriate set of skills, he must get past the guards of men and elves without detection, less he be overpowered and killed.

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Set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, where the outbreak of a virus causes the reanimation of the dead, Deadlight (72% Rating) follows the story of a park ranger seeking his wife and daughter. He believes they were able to make it to a “safe point” in the Pacific Northwest so he is now headed there. He will, however, need to fight his way through hordes of zombies and a violent militia group calling themselves “The New Law”. Praised for it’s dark tonal atmosphere with gameplay that gives a nod to the side-scrolling games of the 80’s and 90’s, it’s a different take on the zombie genre with challenging puzzles and a gripping story. Can you survive?

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An award-winning off-road driving simulation, Spintires (73% Rating) puts you behind the wheels of large all-terrain vehicles to venture through rugged landscapes with only a map and a compass to guide you. Unlock new portions of the map, discover new trucks and winch yourself free from deformable terrain. Are you up for the challenge, offroader?

Dust – An Elysian Tail (83% Rating) takes you on an epic adventure through a gorgeous hand-painted world with your trusty weapon, the Blade of Ahrah, and your lively companion, Fidget. Combat is easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master. The story is deep and rewarding. It boasts a non-linear approach to platforming that encourages exploration and experimentation in a massive, open world. Take your blade, uncover your past and save a civilization.

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