Price Drop 23/05

Deal of the Day: Serious Sam Double D XXL


Serious Sam Double D XXL (74% Rating) plays like Metal Slug on steroids, and that equals tons of fun. Go back to the past to save the future, this time with a new, accidental partner – Dan “Huff” Huffington. Grab a friend and bring down hordes of monster aliens with all of your guns at once, thanks to the new Gunstacker technology. Get a boost anytime, anywhere with the new Jump Pad technology. It’s a nod to the classic side-scrolling shooters of old that you won’t regret playing.

It’s finally here! IHF Handball Challenge 12 (68% Rating) is the first ever fully playable handball video game. Officially licensed by the top leagues of the sport and the International Handball Federation, it boasts a roster of 90+ teams and is presented by handball superstars Nikola Karabatic, Filip Jicha and Dominik Klein. Experience the spectacular action and burst of emotions of Europe’s second most popular team sport right at your home.

70% off !

Everybody loves music, right? So what do you do if some unknown entity starts attacking and corrupting your music? Why, save it of course! Symphony (78% Rating) let’s you on board a musical ship in a vertical shooter that turns your very own song collection into unique battlefields. Each song holds an important item. Upgrade your ship or use less powerful weapons to score higher and dominate the leaderboards. You know you can’t live without your music… so start saving it!

Battle for Caen (79% Rating) is an expansion to Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 . Take control of the British 11th Armored Division in Operation Epsom and Goodwood as you face fierce opposition from the 2nd, 21st, 1st SS and 12th SS Panzer Divisions. Experience spectacular battles with 40 new units in addition to the already robust roster of the original game. Feel the action as you command realistic models of vehicles with authentic markings.

44% off !

Play as an angry god as you eradicate arrogant humans who are trying to build a tower to reach you. Loosely based on the story of the Tower of Babel, Babel Rising (56% Rating) pits you against King Nabu’s servants, who don’t seem to care what happens to them as long as they are able to fulfill the wishes of their king – the construction of the tower. Keep them from reaching you as you use a myriad of powers to destroy them and their sacrilegious tower. Show off your score and compete with millions of players to see who plays god the best.

35% off !

Your name is Artyom, a survivor in post-apocalyptic Moscow. Most of the city’s inhabitants have gone underground, trying to survive vicious attacks from mutants and hostile humans alike. Use real and fictional weapons and survive long enough to discover the true intentions of the mysterious creatures known as the Dark Ones. Updated to the latest version of the game engine used for Metro: Last Light, Metro 2033 Redux (86% Rating) let’s you enjoy better graphics and gameplay mechanics, in a breath taking, one of a kind shooter based on the novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Leviathan – The Last Day of the Decade (90% Rating) is an interactive story that puts you in a world ravaged by a plague called “Decade”. You are Oliver Vertran, a boy who finds himself as the adopted son of his mother’s murderer. You take action to bring him to justice, but find yourself wrapped up in a plot bigger than what you had expected. Befriend different characters, unlock new options by buying items, and solve puzzles to get closer to what you are looking for. Be careful, for your actions shape your story.

15% off !

Before League of Legends, Infinite Crisis or Heroes of the Storm ever came out. Long before the term Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA was coined. When DOTA wasn’t at the peak of its popularity yet. A game came out that helped revolutionize the genre. Demigod (73% Rating) puts you in control of one of eight demigods battling to gain your place among the gods. Featuring two types of heroes – assassins and generals. Assassins focus on power and damage while generals focus on control and support. Pick your demigod now and earn your place in Pantheon.

Do you have what it takes to bring your favorite rugby union team to success? Find out in Pro Rugby Manager 2015 (75% Rating). Take charge of everything about your team – on and off the field. Choose your staff, develop your facilities, scout for new talents, grab sponsorships and manage contracts. View matches in 2D or 3D, set your tactics and change your team’s playstyle. Your franchise’s success depends on you.

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