PC Games Price Drop 02/06

By JD on June 2, 2015 Deal of the Day with 4 Comments

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85% off !

It’s a puzzle game. So what’s new?! Well, try no saving, no checkpoints, and a thousand ways to die. Why So Evil (80% Rating) challenges every gamer to complete it without dying even once. With over 50 levels with different platforms, realistic physics and weather conditions, and challenging secrets, it’ll have you screaming ‘why so evil?!’ even in your sleep.

59% off !

Enjoy a triple A experience in an indie game. Ocean City Racing (66% Rating) is an open world driving game made with Unreal Engine 3. Explore the massive play area in Free Roam and discover fascinating places in and out of the city. Enjoy different challenges in Time Trial Mode and prove you’re the best driver in Race Mode. With over 20 highly detailed vehicles of different types, racing and driving fanatics will find plenty to enjoy in this impressive indie offering.

54% off !

In the far future, may lifeforms and organisms have become extinct due to several ecological disasters. Life is only possible deep under ground. A New Beginning (70% Rating) pits you in a mission to save the earth by going back in time to convince a retired scientist to continue developing an alternative energy resource. But there are those who plot against you in the background. Time is of the essence in this eye-opening adventure game.

The award-winning real-time strategy game is back! 1941 – The Nazi Invaders have come! You are a commander in the Soviet Red Army. The odds are stacked up against you, but failure cannot and will not be tolerated. Weild the might of the Soviet Empire and use your new commander abilities to crush Germany in Company of Heroes 2 (54% Rating).

38% off !

In the 27th Century, there is peace on earth, and major leaps in technology has enabled mankind to travel outside of the solar system and colonize planets thousands of light years away. However, this peace is about to be shattered. Pilot different types of spacecrafts in an impressive game world that allows continuous flights from space into the atmosphere of a planet and landing on any part of that planet. Participate in huge space battles, meet alien races and prepare for the final battle in The Tomorrow War (74% Rating).