PC Games PRICE DROP 01/06

By JD on June 1, 2015 Deal of the Day with 9 Comments

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It’s time to go on an expedition with Hamilton’s Great Adventure (75% Rating). Help Ernest Hamilton, explorer extraordinaire, and his bird, Sasha, through over 60 levels of puzzle platforming. Get help from a friend to get Sasha to clear obstacles for Hamilton. Explore various locations such as the Jungles of the Amazon and the Mountains of the Himalaya. Step aside, Indiana, it’s Hamilton time.

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Perpetuum (73% Rating) puts you in the middle of a power struggle for control over an alien world’s resources. It offers a persistent, massively multiplayer sandbox experience on a single server where players can even claim a part of the world for themselves using terraforming and complex infrastructures. Pay for it once then you can play as much as you want with no further mandatory fees. Did I mention you get to pilot over 30 robots? What else could you want?

Usually, you set out on an adventure to find something. But, what if you didn’t even know what you were looking for? Another Perspective (73% Rating) is a puzzle platformer that will have you getting keys and going through doors. The catch is, you’ll have to look at each level through different “perspectives” to be able to advance. It’s a fun but challenging game that will have you looking at puzzle platformers in… well.. another perspective.

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Get in the cockpits of over 40 planes and engage enemy forces in thrilling historical battles. With six scenarios, over 50 missions, authentic World War atmosphere and realistic sound effects, Wings of Prey (81% Rating) lets you experience crucial dogfights that forged the path to the world as we know it today. Whether you’re a die-hard simulation fan or a new comer to the genre, you’ll be able to enjoy the action right away with the flexible difficulty level system: from arcade to realistic simulation. Take off now and be the hero you were meant to be.

You are Sarah Kerrigan. Once, just the mention of your name brought fear into the hearts of men. Now, you are locked up in a high-security research laboratory. The Terran Dominion is closing in. Will you be able to escape and reclaim your living empire at the Heart of the Swarm (85% Rating)? With an all-new campaign featuring the Queen of Blades, new units and the same action-packed gameplay renowned for it’s attention to detail and balance, it’s the follow-up that lives up to the hype of its predecessor, Wings of Liberty.