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Fate seeks divine retribution against the Prince and has come down to serve it in the form of the immortal Dahaka. Now the Prince must fight his way through a path of carnage and mystery to escape his preordained death. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (84% Rating) takes you on an epic journey to the core of a cursed island where mankind’s worst fears can be found. Fight with no boundaries with the free-form fighting system. Manipulate time and use different techniques to cut through your enemies. But beware the reductive Empress, lest she bend your will to hers.

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War is stirring in Europe. New ideas of Enlightenment are driving dreams of freedom and glory to tear down empires. Millions of arms are raised as the finest strategists start to plan for their conquest. Imperial Glory (78% Rating) lets you experience real-time 3D land and naval battles in complex battlefields. Take advantage of higher ground and cover. Use formations to your army’s advantage. Control Europe using a turn-based management system for over 50 provinces. It is time for war. Can you forge a name to be remembered?

Serious Sam Double D XXL (74% Rating) plays like Metal Slug on steroids, and that equals tons of fun. Go back to the past to save the future, this time with a new, accidental partner – Dan “Huff” Huffington. Grab a friend and bring down hordes of monster aliens with all of your guns at once, thanks to the new Gunstacker technology. Get a boost anytime, anywhere with the new Jump Pad technology. It’s a nod to the classic side-scrolling shooters of old that you won’t regret playing.

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Play Chess as you’ve never played before in this innovative digital incarnation of the classic board game. Battle vs Chess (72% Rating) offers several richly crafted army sets and gameboard environments with gorgeous visuals. Play through 2 strategy campaigns with 30 missions, each with its own unique goal. Enjoy beat ’em up fights using any of the twelve characters in six arenas. Challenge a friend and invite a second friend in PVP duels with an interactive 3rd person action mode. Challenge the AI that utilizes the famous Fritz! chess algorithm that provides an appropriate challenge for any skill level. This is one board game that won’t bore you.

The company called Athena built the most advanced weapons in the history of warfare. The good news is you have access to these weapons. The bad news? Well, so do your enemies. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms (74% Rating) lets you step into the boots of an elite Ghost caught in a war to take back peace after Athena started selling their weapons to the highest bidders. Choose from three distinct classes to suit your play-style, acquiring new skills and equipment as you level up. Play in 16-player firefights and clan matches with multiple game modes and maps. With dozens of weapons and equipment and intuitive squad systems, its the next gen 3rd person, team-based, tactical shooter to look out for.

Ever imagined what GTA would be like if it were made in the late 80’s? Retro City Rampage DX (72% Rating) gives you just that. Wreak havoc in an open-world city where you run missions, jack every vehicle you can, and outrun the law. It includes a full engrossing Story Mode and an Arcade Mode for times when you just need a quick fix. With over 60 story missions, 40 arcade challenges, 25 weapons and powerups, 50 vehicles, and hundreds of character customizations, you’ll spend dozens of hours just enjoying the mayhem.

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    July 31, 2015, 19:29

    Great deals! Prince of Persia is always good!!
    Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  2. July 31, 2015, 15:36

    Battle VS Chess is nice; it’s a new way to play chess

  3. Mandip Das says
    July 31, 2015, 14:03

    The best store to buy a Fallout 4 Cd key is Kinguin.

  4. bahi says
    July 31, 2015, 13:31

    This is beautiful game with very good graphics, i prefer everyone to buy this game and i will buy this game


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