PC Games Deals 30/07

By JD on July 30, 2015 Deal of the Day with 5 Comments

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59% off!

Who ever said you always have to choose between the light and dark sides? When one is able to wield both, then there is Balance. But the forces of Chaos will stop at nothing to bring everything to its feet. Outland (83% Rating) is a highly dynamic, fast-paced action platformer with a gorgeous art style and puzzle-solving elements that feature a unique polarity-switching system. The world around you changes drastically and it’s up to you to adapt using both light and darkness. Can you save this world from plunging into Chaos?

Ever imagined what GTA would be like if it were made in the late 80’s? Retro City Rampage DX (82% Rating) gives you just that. Wreak havoc in an open-world city where you run missions, jack every vehicle you can, and outrun the law. It includes a full engrossing Story Mode and an Arcade Mode for times when you just need a quick fix. With over 60 story missions, 40 arcade challenges, 25 weapons and powerups, 50 vehicles, and hundreds of character customizations, you’ll spend dozens of hours just enjoying the mayhem.

34% off!

Your name is Artyom, a survivor in post-apocalyptic Moscow. Most of the city’s inhabitants have gone underground, trying to survive vicious attacks from mutants and hostile humans alike. Use real and fictional weapons and survive long enough to discover the true intentions of the mysterious creatures known as the Dark Ones. Based on the novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 (79% Rating) is a breath taking, one of a kind, story-driven shooter.

It’s time for some RPG and RTS mix! Zazhut is free, and now Eo is in terrible danger. The Shaikan is no match for what’s coming, but you, one of the elders, cannot and will not give up. Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past (61% Rating) features 8 worlds including 5 new ones, a gripping narrative that continues the story of all previous games, new items and sets, and various game modes – both for single and multiplayer. Will you be able to hold your ground against the greatest threat Eo has ever faced?

31% off!

Pac-Man Museum (60% Rating) is a collection of the greatest Pac-Man games of all time. Play through generations of games and see how Pac-Man has evolved from that simple yet challenging game released in the 80’s to the current hits like Championship Edition and Battle Royale. Find a maze too difficult? Get help from the Navigation System to find the best route. Stage Save Function allows you to take on the each stage without the fear of having to start over. Grab up to 3 friends and duke it out in Battle Royale. Not challenged enough? Take on the best players in the world with the Worldwide Leaderboards. Are you ready to chomp your way to the top?

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