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75% off!

When an alien attack force threatens their world, it’s up to Lilac the dragon girl and her friends to stop them. Freedom Planet (84% Rating) is an action platformer that features fast-paced gameplay and thrilling combat. Use your hair as a whip, spin like a tornado or dash through the air like a comet as you battle a multitude of enemies from insects to giant robots. Switch between Lilac, Carol and Millia – each with their own unique set of skills. But will those skills be enough to stop the alien invasion?

67% off!

When Prince Freedan and Wizard Stayn are trapped inside Tristoy by the Witch Ink, they are forced to work together to escape the ancient fortress in the middle of the Sea of Shards and defeat their common nemesis. Tristoy (60% Rating) is a story-driven 2D platformer that was built from the ground up with co-op play in mind. Grab a friend as you explore dungeons filled with traps while solving puzzles and fighting monsters. Face hard choices and moral dilemmas that will test your patience – if not your friendship. Can Prince Freedan and Wizard Stayn play nice long enough to escape?

59% off!

Tired of blasting away at mutants, zombies, aliens and monsters? Scratch that violent itch with Postal (63% Rating). Empty your cartridges and unload your shells at anyone you want – other gunmen, innocent bystanders, even a marching band. Presented in a 3/4 isometric view, this game will have you blasting, maiming and fire-bombing your way through 21 levels. There are so many ways to kill you’ll find yourself doing it over and over again. Just make sure you stay in-game while doing it all.

Craving for some football action? Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (65% Rating) lets you experience hard-hitting goals from 7 officially licensed leagues. Feel right in the game with advanced physics, natural player movements and realistic clothing effects. Improved ball control allows for tighter dribbling and improved drives. Play alone or with friends and let the games begin!

46% off!

Sure, it’s a great feeling to be speeding in a car or bike down an open road, but imagine if you were going that fast… on foot! Fotonica (76% Rating) let’s you experience what it would be like to run at 140 mph. With gorgeous vector style graphics and great music to match, it’s an arcade runner that’s both thrilling and challenging. Are you ready for a huge spike in adrenaline?

You are Trane, a young, street smart and athletic graffiti artist. You have your eyes set on becoming the “All City King” – the best of the best of graffiti artists. Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (74% Rating) puts you on a quest for graffiti supremacy while uncovering the deep dark secrets of the city’s corrupt leader. Use unique fighting techniques while you tag using multiple skills and styles. Save a neighborhood from the oppressive tyrant and use your graffiti to change the world. But you’ll have to be quick. Get in, get up and get out.

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