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Time to take on the challenge of operating an entire lumber mill’s operations. Woodcutter Simulator 2012 (64% Rating) tasks you with cutting trees, clearing woods, transporting logs, creating woodchips and a whole lot more. Take control of heavy machinery like cutters, feller bunchers and pullers. Take a chainsaw and take down trees in first-person view. With realistic physics, detailed graphics and challenging missions, live the dream life of a lumberjack. Are you ready to go to the woods?

In the far future, humanity has all but depleted our tired Earth. It’s time to step into the boundaries of space and discover the untapped resources of Mars. Offworld Trading Company (83% Rating) gives you a unique RTS experience where there is no military. This is a war for market supremacy, and money is your weapon. With market-driven gameplay that’s dominated by strategic planning, do you what it takes to acquire all of your competition’s shares and take full control of the planet’s economy?

Harry Larkin’s aviation business is on the brink of going bankrupt. Now, it’s up to him and his sons to save it. Built using the same engine used for Arma 2, Take On Helicopters (71% Rating) is a flight sim that offers rich landscapes and authentic models. Enjoy cruising above an accurate depiction of Seattle or enjoy the adventure through South Asia. Learn to fly 3 classes of helicopters with something to offer for newcomers and flight simulation enthusiasts alike. So enough with the cars and the bikes, it’s time to take on helicopters!

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Get ready for some 5-on-5 action as you build, destroy, defend and attack in a uniquely crazy FPS. Block N Load (80% Rating) lets you build up your defenses first by constructing turrets, laying traps and a whole lot more. Once the build phase is over, the mayhem starts! With a great variety of characters and blocks for endless strategic possibilities, it’s a game where brains are just as important as bullets.

If there’s one character every Castlevania fan can’t get enough of, that would be Alucard. Yet, his real story and background have only been touched upon. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Revelations (75% Rating) puts players back into the shoes of Alucard to experience the real story that intertwines his fate with that of Dracula’s. Find out about his deal with death and his fight against Satan himself in this extensive add-on to the thrilling conclusion of the Lords of Shadow series. What revelations will be told?

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